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Tips on how to snowboard

tips on how to snowboard

Intermediate Snowboard Tips

Now that you have learned how to snowboard on groomers and you are linking turns you’re probably eager to start hitting some features in the terrain park!

Here are some basic freestyle snowboarding trick tips that will get you on your way to hitting jumps and jibs in no time!

Snowboard Intermediate Fundamentals

There are four key fundamental aspects to jumping and hitting rails on a snowboard, stance, speed, pop and landing.

1) Stance

The approach to the jump/jib is important, it will set you up to be in control as you leave the ground. Once you leave the snow and get in the air or on a rail you’re pretty much on a set trajectory until you land. If you’re not in control when you leave the ground it’s extremely difficult to regain your balance.

Before you hit a park feature for the first time, make sure you’re comfortable riding on and off your edges and that you feel in control before riding towards a feature.

Get yourself into a relaxed stance with your knees slightly bent and a straight back. Align your knees, hips and shoulders into the same direction as your board, keep your weight equally balanced on both feet with central hips and head up looking where you’re riding. Pointing your front hand slightly in the direction that you want to go will help maintain upper and lower body alignment.

2) Speed

Watch other riders to see how fast they’re hitting the feature. Find a place to drop in from that doesn’t require you to make last minute

speed changes. It’s ideal if you can drop straight and keep unnecessary body movements to a minimum as you approach the jump or rail. You want to carry enough speed to make it over the flat section before the landing on a jump so you can land on a transition. This will minimize the impact of your landing.

As you approach the feature, bend your knees slightly more than your normal position, then as you ride up the lip, push back evenly with both legs. This motion of flexing down and up, will pop you off the jump helping you to stay balanced. Once in the air or on the rail, look towards the landing and bring your knees back up to you, this will keep you compact and controlled. If you’re hitting a jump try grabbing your board. This can help to quieten your upper body and keep you in control. You’ve got 8 bolts and 4 straps holding you in so grabbing is optional.

Try to land evenly on both feet with a flat base and turn slightly onto your edge to regain control. You can absorb the impact by flexing down with your knees and ankles as you connect with the ground. Putting yourself slightly on edge can make it easier to get back into control as you ride away however avoid sliding a turn down the landing or slowing down. This will keep the landings smooth and ice-free for other riders and will also help you to keep your speed for the next feature.

Snowboard Addiction videos teach you the key steps to spin with confidence and style.

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