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Tips on how to speak clearly

tips on how to speak clearly

Few Tips on How to Speak Clearly

By James Madhok | Miscellaneous | Rating:

Today, we are understood by our words. Clear communication is a must in all aspects of our life. When it comes to clear and effective communication, it begins with clarity of speech.

Think about this, how often have you been asked to repeat yourself? There is no denying to the fact that it’s downright annoying and embarrassing, if there is a constant request to pass the same message time and again. Not to undermine the fact, that miscommunication in life often holds us back.

If people around you are having difficulty understanding you, then you know for sure that you need to incorporate some measures to learn how to speak clearly. Remember, not being able to speak clearly is often a sign of nervousness and anxiety. There are some good practices in place that will help you speak clearly and also free you from all the barriers associated with unclear communication.

First and foremost, you need to slow down your pace, once you understand that the listener is having difficulty grasping your words. In real life, slow things are easy to catch. Apply the same principle over here and slow down the pace of your words so that the listener gets enough time to understand your speech clearly. Introducing pauses while communicating is a small effective tool over here. You can use pauses to switch topics and to separate sentences. More and often, if your sentence lack required pauses,

it might end up giving a different meaning to your words than what you wish to communicate.

Be careful while articulating your words and make sure that you are clear with the consonants. Maintain the consistency in your accent so that your words do not go over the top. You must have often witnessed confused people around you, especially if grammar is a problem with you.

As a rule, do not spontaneously speak what comes in your mind. Rather hold your thoughts for a while, and then render it to your listeners. Your mind is the vessel where the thoughts are stored, and if you fine tune the thoughts before speaking, then this will only work in your favor. If you an individual, who believes in using long words and statements simply to impress the listener, then let me tell you that this trick may not always be very effective. Using impressive words are good as long as the reader is able to comprehend and clearly understand your message. This trick may backfire if you are not able to speak clearly.

Last but not the least; make sure that you maintain eye contact with the individual with whom you are communicating. Maintaining eye contact eases the communication process without our realization. Some people tend to pay more attention if you maintain eye contact while speaking. More attention implies better understanding and effective communication. This will work in your favor, especially if speech is a problem with you. Also, avoiding eye contact displays lack of confidence in life. You certainly wouldn’t want to give that impression to your listeners!

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