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Tips on how to spice up your relationship

tips on how to spice up your relationship

Ten Tips on How to Spice up in your relationship

Keeping the passion, romance and love from going stale can be hard to do in a long term relationship. It takes hard work, commitment and some planning. This list of ten tips on how to spice up your relationship can help you do just that. Daily routines can slowly put out the fires of passion and romance in our lives. If the excitement is gone from you or your partner then here are some tips to help you put the spice back into your relationship.

How to Spice up in your relationship

1. Turn the heat up: Sometimes the simple things are what matters most. But too often we all get caught up in our daily routines and tend to forget that. Start the fire in your home to help heat up your relationship. Everyone agrees that a fireplace is romantic. If you have one, turn it on and light the embers of passion. If you do not have a fireplace, turn on some scented, romantic candles. Set the mood to romance.

2. Think back to how it was: Remember your first kiss together? How you used to get butterflies in your stomach just from hearing each other’s voice? Think back to the early days of your relationship and bring that romance back. Just spending time together then brought so much joy to you both. Ponder and reminisce about the first time you made love, your first date. One of the great benefits of looking back is to help you see and appreciate how far you have come together as a couple, how much you've grown together. This will make you appreciate her/him more now. Contentment makes you happy and it's sexy.

3. Showers or Baths together: There is nothing more erotic and sexy than to shower together with the one you love. Steams things up tonight with a candle lit bubble bath. Let the romantic moment take you both away from the daily stress.

4. Surprise your lover: We all love to receive gifts from those we love. Imagine how much it will mean to your mate when you give them a gift (the smallest thing) it really does not matter fir no reason. Just because "I love you" means a lot and helps to put you both on the path of love.

5. Little role playing: There is something very excitingly erotic about playing make believe. Role playing can give you both a chance to do things or try out new things you would not do under normal circumstances. You can act out fantasies neither one of you may have dared to do before. Give your mate a taste of feeling as

if you just met to help reset and spice up your relationship once again. Keep in mind that the role playing need be not only for the bedroom. Both of you can take your new persona and characters into a fun filled night out on the town.

6. Turn it off to get turned on: We become so technology driven lately that cell phones, computers and TV sap the juice and love right out of our lives. If you are on the computer, the phone or TV then you are not with your partner and that is keeping you from spending quality time together. Unplug that TV. Turn off that computer so you could engulf yourselves into each other instead of being distracted with technology.

7. Post it and tell it: Little notes on a refrigerator or an e-mail telling your lover how much they mean to you goes a long way. You can join or create a blog or forum where you can both tell each other things you may not say in person. Share romantic notes or sweet jokes with one another. Leave a sexy, sensual or even naughty note in the bedroom.

8. Play games together: Remember playing twister? How about a game of strip poker between the two of you? Even a game of charade where you have to use your body language as a means of getting your message across can be very sultry. Games bring out our playful, adventurous side which is always good.

9. Get a regular baby-sitter: Find some time for you both that you can have on a regular basis. Get a babysitter to watch the kids at least once a week so you both can have an evening alone to each other, even if it's only for an hour. Don’t just use a babysitter for special occasions. Going out on a weekly date will bring about that much needed spark and help to recharge your relationship and spice.

10. Be selfish together: Sometimes you spend so long giving and giving without ever taking or getting anything back. Having kids in your life means that it can be draining and difficult to take the focus off of them and put it on the two of you. If you make some "you" time it will be easier to make it "just me and you" time.

Bonus Tip: Be sweet: Once in a while it’s a good thing to go up to your partner and give him or her a hug or a kiss. Bring home an ice cream or go out together for some dessert. Just a small treat can go a long way. The nicest thing to hear is "I love you" for no reason.

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