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How to Spy on Someone

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In this era of love, lies and betrayal, learning how to spy on someone is something inevitable. This iBuzzle article will be a short tutorial for amateurs wanting to learn how to spy on someone and most importantly, without getting caught.

Today, finding trust is more difficult than finding God. There are times when 'love in the air' is replaced by 'insecurity in the polluted air'. Spying can feel like the only appropriate option left for wives wanting to know whether their husbands are the next 'Tigers' lost in the lusty woods, or husbands who want to find out whether their wives are unfaithful, or business heads employing undercover agents to find out what their rival has up his sleeves, or wannabe spy kids wanting to uncover illegal activities in their area.

The list goes on, but the question remains, how can I spy on someone? Many a time, we have rehearsed the dialog 'the name is Bond, James Bond', in front of the mirror? Well, the time has come to turn your childhood dreams of becoming a spy into reality.

Spying on Someone

The best technique is to stop acting like a spy. Sometimes disguising yourself is inevitable, but it's better not to dress yourself in outfits which would gain more attention than otherwise or avoid preparing any special spy-costume (after all, spy isn't a superhero).

Follow Secretly

Following someone can be tough sometimes, but being alert and quick can help. Don't portray as though you are on the verge of catching the big fish. Appear relaxed, wear a mustache or hat if the person knows you well. If you know the place where illegal activities will be going on, you can station yourself on the terrace of a nearby building or in a flat. Buy good quality binoculars and take a good look of what is happening out there. Observation skills are a great asset for a great spy.

GPS Tracker

If you are wondering how to spy on someone using remote devices that are fairly

easy to handle then you can use the GPS tracking devices. It is another way of following a person or knowing his or her whereabouts. Buy a good quality, reliable GPS tracker and cling it on to the person you are spying on. This can be dangerous though, so be careful when you do this.

Using hidden cameras will be going a step ahead. There are many cases of better halves having the better of their spouses by leaving the web camera in their room switched on and in a recording mode. This can be the cheapest and reliable method. You can also consider hiding spy cameras in other locales like the car or the office. But make sure your camera is completely hidden. Fitting a camera in a purse or in a book is always a better idea, as chances of getting caught are little less.

A person's laptop or PC can be a mirror to his daily activities. So getting the information from his computer will help to gain valuable information. The spy software can be installed on a personal computer to take control over the computer activity. Checking the files and cookies and Internet history pages can make some startling revelations. Spy gadgets can also recover some deleted emails too, which can also provide a hell lot of information. Spy phones can also help to intercept the user behavior and record conversations and messages done through them. But all this will require a decent budget.

Personal belongings like wallets, receipts, phone, and bags should be thoroughly checked. You may find information in the most unexpected places, so search them. The most important thing is leaving no evidence, that you had searched anything. Just put everything back the way it was.

Just a last reminder for you, spying can be full of dangers and can lead to legal consequences. So why not reconsider your decision after all, 'The one who can spy into his own soul to find deeper meanings and hidden answers to life is the worlds best spy.'

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