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Vital Tips on Starting an Essay Effectively

Selecting Great Openers for Starting an Essay

Essay writing is not an easy task for many students. Writing an essay requires thorough knowledge of the subject and outstanding essay writing skills. The writing of essays is a common assignment in high school. These assignments go on in college and these can be extremely complex. As a result, all students must know how to write essay and become masters at it in high school. One of the most important points to note when writing an essay is to know how to start an essay correctly and effectively. Let us show you some extremely useful points that can be considered when starting an essay .

Essays can be started in many ways. What you need to keep in mind, is that whatever way you start the essay, it has to draw the attention of the reader. However, this does not mean that once you have included an interested essay introduction. you should provide mediocre work in the rest of the essay. You need to get the reader’s attention and keep it there. This is the best way to ensure a high mark for the essay.

Starting with a Quote

One of the best ways of starting an essay is through the use of famous quotation. Keep in mind that quote has to be relevant to the subject. If you are writing a world hunger essay your quote should be related to this topic. For example, if the essay is about stopping world hunger your quote can be “there are genuinely sufficient resources in the world to ensure that no one, nowhere, at no time, should go hungry” by Ed Asner. Always remember your quote should be cited.

Starting with a Question

Starting with a question may require more thought than when starting with a quote. This is because most essay topics are statements. However, if you delve deep and select a good question that is thought provoking, you will be able to successfully start the essay in an interesting manner. Keep in mind the question should inform the reader exactly what the essay is about.

Starting with a Statement

This is the most common method of starting the writing of an essay. By beginning your essay in this manner, you can agree or disagree with the topic. When you begin the essay with a statement, you have to ensure that there is sufficient proof to back your point of view.

Starting with an Anecdote

An anecdote is a summary of an interesting or funny incident that may be used to illustrate a point. Anecdotes are often used when writing scholarship essays or college application essays. Keep in mind, once again, that anecdotes as with quotes and questions and summaries should be relevant to the subject and should be written in just three to four sentences.

If you do not wish to start an essay with any of the above mentioned, you can consider beginning the essay with a controversial theme. Controversial essay openers always get attention, but maintaining the reader’s interest depends on how well written your essay is.

Now that you know the proper methods of opening an essay effectively and how to write essay in an attention grabbing manner, you can consider any one of these points when you are starting an essay. If you lack ideas, you can go through our sample gallery and obtain ideas for your essay writing project.

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