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How to Stay Fit and Healthy on the Road

tips on how to stay fit and healthy

August 7, 2013 / By NomadicMatt

I’m not a healthy guy. Ok, I am a very healthy guy when I am home in my apartment with my juicer, kitchen, and nearby Whole Foods. On the road, it’s another story. Even with the high expectations and goals I set for myself a few years ago. I’ve failed at maintaining a healthier lifestyle on the road. While I make more health conscious decisions, I still go out too much, never sleep, and stuff my face with pizza because it is convenient.

Last month, I met up with my friend Steve Kamb, the legend behind Nerd Fitness. a site dedicated to helping nerds stay fit. Steve travels a lot too (we were recently in Vegas) and he knows how to balance the stresses of the road with staying in shape.

I sat down with him and interviewed him for this week’s video. It’s a long video (in the future, I will try to keep interviews to 10 minutes but we were having fun so this is twenty!) but if you really want to learn how to stay in shape, watch this video:

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Here are seven tips from Steve on staying fit:

1) Make healthy living on the road a priority! Yes, you DO have time to exercise, you just need to make time for it. You can complete a workout in 20 minutes in your hotel room or hostel .

2) Walking for the win. Do everything you can to walk as often as possible. There’s no better way to explore a city than on foot: you get to exercise and

3) Playgrounds and parks are everywhere: use them. Check google maps for that green patch of ground and walk over there for your workouts; you can do pull ups on swing sets or tree branches.

4) Remember that your diet is 80% of the battle. Consider upping your food budget, even slightly so you can eat healthier. Bags of rice and/or pasta for every meal: processed carbs and very little else. Get some protein in there! Don’t be afraid to do a healthy ‘family dinner’ with hostel mates where you all split the cost.

5) Do the best you can. If you only have

10 minutes to exercise, exercise for 10 minutes! Every little bit adds up, and 10 minutes is WAYYY better than nothing. If you have to eat poorly at train station, make up for it the next day.

6) Employ the “Never 2” rule. If you miss a day of exercise for whatever reason, don’t allow yourself to miss two days in a row. If you eat one bad meal, that next meal should be healthy. Never two in a row.

7) Have fun. Don’t be afraid to have late nights with friends or say yes to crazy adventures. Just make sure you get right back on track as soon as possible after so you don’t lose the momentum you’ve built up.

For more information from Steve, check out these links:


Helen @ Helen in Wonderlust

Great tips!

I agree with Nicole too, lots of walking! I like to get involved in dance classes too, you can always find dance classes whilst travelling and they’re a good way to get into the local culture too.

Or cycling round a city is one of my favourite ways to see a new (or familiar) place!

Wil @ Where's Wil

After I wake up and just before bed I do a few minutes of yoga followed by pushups and I’ve noticed a serious improvement in my health.


Great tips. Steve has an excellent website as well. There are many exercises available to travelers. Walking hits two birds with one stone, get where you’re going and burn a few calories!


And running is even better!


I love to run when I’m home, so next time I’m on the road I think I’m going to bring my GPS watch and shoes along with me. Running is a great way to see a city!


Great tips! Indonesia has been doing a number on me… the food is so delicious and I’m finding most grab-and-go snacks at the corner shops lack anything healthy or without sugar (even the crackers have sugar on top of them!!). Regular trekking/hiking is my choice when it comes to exercising on the road

Though there is a gym in the hotel we’re staying at now… might be feeling inspired

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