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Tips on how to stop procrastinating

tips on how to stop procrastinating

Stop Procrastinating

When you hear "there's no time like the present", do you think "there's plenty of time to get it done"? If so, then you might be a procrastinator. Read on to find out how to stop.

We're not passing judgment when we tell you to stop procrastinating. Procrastination is not a personality trait or a character flaw. It's the habit of putting off until tomorrow what you could do today. There are many valid reasons why we get stuck blaming the computer or the dog or even our grandmother's health for the reason our work isn't completed on time. We invite you to choose your favorite. Watching TV and socializing with friends are so much more pleasurable. Trying to stop procrastinating to start writing that report is so difficult and boring. There's no way you can do as good a job as you should. You are overcommitted to other obligations. And who would be worrying and feeling guilty about failing if you were busy at work?

Unfortunately, problems arise when we use up all our emotional energy procrastinating. A recent study showed that procrastinators get more colds and have more digestive problems than students who get to work promptly. They are more likely to eat poorly and sleep less. Yet the same study shows that 70% of the students polled confessed to procrastinating more than they'd like. So what's a girl to do? Start by checking out the following list of suggestions to stop procrastinating. Then choose a few that speak to you.

Don't wait for inspiration to stop procrastinating.

Describe how you feel about what you haven't gotten around to, then describe how you'd

feel if you had. The contrast between guilt and relief might be enough to get you going!

Just start.

Then after five minutes decide whether to spend another five minutes. It's always easier after you begin. Chances are you won't want to waste the time you've put in, and so, you'll complete the job and stop procrastinating.

Write all the things you have to do and estimate how long it will take to do each thing. Then double the estimate.

Prioritize your list.

What's due first comes first, no matter how yucky the project. Stop procrastinating by getting boring tasks out of the way first. They're usually easy and don't take long.

Break up the jobs.

Break jobs into smaller, bite-sized, manageable pieces so the tasks ahead aren't overwhelming. Do a little each day.

Give yourself a goal and a deadline.

Tell someone else what it is. It'll help you strive to reach your goal and stop procrastinating.

Reward yourself.

Make a deal with yourself to use an activity that used to distract you as a perk when you're done. Two hours of work deserves what? A long shower?   A few phone calls?   An hour of TV? You decide.

Don't be obsessed.

Don't obsess with doing it just right. Don't demand perfection. Excellence will come over the process of consistent doing.

Putting off unpleasant tasks stands in the way of feeling really happy, so learn how to stop procrastinating and be happy.

Do only what you can actually do.

Focus on completing that job rather than worrying about what's out of your control.

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