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How To Study Effectively & How To Get Good Grades

How To Study Effectively

From the desk of: George Tee

Hi, my name is George Tee, I’m from Singapore and I’ve graduated with a Bachelor of Business Management degree (major in wealth management) in this  very year 2010. Now as I looked back, I’m pretty lucky that I am getting my degree eventually because I almost failed my exams when I was in high school. I was totally addicted to gaming and lost interest in my studies. In fact, I nearly dropped out of school when I was around 14 years old.

Here’s what happened..

To cut the story short, with a tiny bit of chance, I’ve managed to get into one of the lower ranking pre-universities (or we called it junior college) in our country. My foundations were so poor that when I entered the junior college, I had no idea of the fundamentals of the subjects I learned in high school. If you find any grammatical errors in this website, you will understand what I mean by poor foundation – English language is my second language and it is much worse in the past.

In our country, for us to further our studies in the university, we would need to sit for Cambridge exams known as GCE Advanced Level (A-level). It is a recognized international exam that is taken by many students from all over the world.

For a student who do not understand a single thing in the ‘A’ level subject  would definitely fail the exam. In fact, most people get on average a few Bs. The better ones would definitely score a couple of A’s and the worse ones would score a couple of C’s or D’s or even F’s.

But Here Are My Results

Physics – A

Chemistry – A

Mathematics – A

I’m not here to brag to you about my grades, but to share with you the importance of using the effective study system.  This has nothing to do with intelligence, smart, or even hardworking. The only thing that matters is how you study in a way that makes a difference in your grades.

Have I convinced you that using the right effective study system is important?

Now I’m sure that the reason that you are reading this page is because you want to use the least amount of effort and get the best grades. To help you get started, I like to help you by sharing with you the secrets I have wrote in my ebook – “Secrets Of Studying”.

Let’s get started.

What Is The Most Important Thing To Do Before You Start To Study?

Unlike the other websites where they tell you a lot of stuff about study techniques or how to study effectively, like “study at the same time and same place”, or the “SQ3R” method, these are not the most important factor that will help you get better grades.

The Most Important Thing To Do First Is To Plan…

Yes, SQ3R method may be effective in some way, study at the same time and same place may help you to concentrate or focus better, but all these tips or techniques are not going to help you much if you fail to plan. In fact, all these tips and techniques are going to kill you or make you fail your exams if you follow them blindly.

But how to plan?

Most students would either think that this is just simply waste of time or they don’t even know how to plan. They think that by start studying immediately would be saving more time instead. Well, that is true if you study one day before your exams. But the truth is if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

That was the

first thing I did when I entered junior college. In 2002, I remembered I once told my friends, I planned to get 3 distinctions for my A level subjects. I sit down and spent a few hours planning a grand study plan and this goal was achieved after 2 years.

Most of my friends thought I was intelligent, smart or lucky. But think about it, I entered junior college with poor foundation of physics and chemistry (my mathematics was better though), how can I be intelligent, smart or lucky? Deep down inside my heart, I knew that it was all because I planned for it to happen. You can read a simple version of how I planned – 5 Easy Steps To Achieve Awesome Results in 2011 .

Does that mean if you plan, you will definitely get excellent grades?

No! Of course not. There are many stories where you’ve noticed that people are just planning and planning, but when comes to taking ACTION. they begin to run away from it.

Try to visualize this, if you are planning to get from destination A to destination B, and you have planned the exact route to destination B. But do you think that you can reach destination B if you start making your way there?

If you refuse to work towards getting excellent grades, there’s no way that anyone could help you to achieve it.

In my case, I was extremely determined to do whatever it takes to achieve that goal.

Next, do you think that if you want to travel from Australia to Japan, and you are taking a ship, how fast can you reach Japan? It’ll probably takes weeks or even months to travel by ship.

But if you are to take a plane, you’ll probably reach in a day or two.

You see, the vehicle we are using to travel from one place to another is like our learning strategies .

If we are going to use a lousy strategy to study, it’ll be like traveling by a ship. And it will take us a long long time for us to master what we are supposed to learn in school. By the time we have mastered the subjects or topics, the exams are already over a long time ago. I bet you don’t want that…

However, if we are using a highly effective and proven system to study, it’ll be similar to ‘traveling by a plane’. We’ll be able to shorten our learning process tremendously. Things that we usually take a long time to understand, we are able to cut short the time to learn.

And the faster we learn, the faster we’ll achieve our objectives or goals. If you are wondering what kind of strategies I’m talking about, you can test your memory strategies by clicking here and see how effective is your current “memory skills”.

You also need to develop the 7 Habits of Super Learners where it would help you both your academic but your whole life as well. It will help you to become more productive and learn more in a short span of time.

If you would like to find out more about how I plan for my distinctions, the secret studying system I used and my studying strategies and techniques, you can sign up for the newsletter below and you will later reach another page where you will discover more about this studying system I have been using in my student life that helps me achieve good grades without putting much effort.

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