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Hair Loss Treatment Tips: How To Style Thinning Hair For Women

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By Kim West | Aug 06, 2015 02:24 AM EDT


August is National Hair Loss Awareness Month. This topic is typically associated with men, but women suffer from this issue too. So what to do if you're experiencing thinning or hair loss? Consider the professional tips of a hair stylist.

Nick Penna is the owner and lead stylist of SalonCapri. With three locations in Boston and the winner of 11 "Best of Boston" awards, Nick has tons of styling tips for thinning hair and told us that a woman's stylist is one of the best people to notice actual hair loss and broach the subject with her.

Yes, a woman should definitely still get her hair styled if she is losing hair. Since stylists know the best tips and tricks to help make your hair look fuller and thicker, they can be great resources for you when it comes to cuts and colors, as well as at-home styling techniques.

Won't additional trimming and coloring make things worse?

Trimming and coloring can actually make things better. This is especially true for coloring, which can help hair appear thicker by expanding the hair shaft for added thickness in diameter. Coloring hair can make it look more multidimensional, giving the illusion of fullness. Trimming also helps because it keeps hair healthy, having layers can take some weight

off, and hair looks fuller.

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What types of hairstyles should women with thinning hair steer clear of?

Women should avoid cuts with extra length and blunt cuts with no layers. A nice cut right above the collar bone helps to add weight and fullness to the hair and it will bring everything up to frame the face. Wispy layers also help to create added texture and give fullness to the style.

Any dye jobs women with thinning hair should avoid?

Women with thinning hair should avoid very dark dye jobs because they often make hair loss more noticeable, since you can easily see the skin on the scalp. Also avoid significantly bleaching hair. This can cause major damage to the hair follicle. It is best to ask your stylist for a lighter shade or some multidimensional highlights to complement your skin.

Look out for part two of our chat with Nick to learn more about how to style thinning hair with success.

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