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Tips On How To Style Short Hair

tips on how to style your hair

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Posted by, Short Hairstyles. August 23rd, 2015

Sometime, you will get hard time to style your hair after you change the hairstyle. Especially if you change your hairstyle and cut your hair short. Actually you can easily style it or you can confuse to style the short hair because there are so many ways to style it. When you cut your long hair into short, you will have different feeling and different taste of styling your hair. Having short hair can be a good thing if you are a busy women that have a lot of activities in the days. Having short hair also meant you will have less time when shampooing it. But if you are confused to style your short hair and do not know how to style your new hair, I will bring you some helpful tips on how to style short hair. Make sure you read this carefully and try to apply the tips on your hair.

Like always, it always start after you shampooing your hair. Make sure the shampoo will not make your short hair to frizz up. Then you can apply the conditioner on it and use towel to clean the moisture from your hair. Also it is better

to use soft towel to do that. Then add straightening product. You can choose to have the straightening product or anti frizz up in your hair. Then you can part your hair. I suggest you to style it straight and sleek. It is better than part it straight down the middle. Then after you did all the steps, you can start to dry your hair. When you hair drying it, use round brush to make your hair smooth until your hair is completely dry. Then use iron to make your hair straighter and the tips of your hair can be your priority.

Then next thing to do is sweep your hair and make bangs with it in your forehead. If you want to maintain the structure of your hair and you want to keep it that way, you can use hairspray in there. For the finishing touch you can put a headband, barrettes, or a hair clip. Then your short hair is ready to shine, along with you. Actually there are another ways how to style your short hair. If the chance is there, I will gladly share that tips on how to style short hair in another article. For now, you can follow the tips and direction I give you in this post.

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