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Tips on how to suck your own dick

tips on how to suck your own dick

Dear Safest,

Start asking around and guys will tell you that few things are hotter than experiencing an orgasm and tasting cum in your mouth at the same time. Upon delving through several years of online postings, I came across two personal accounts of auto-fellatio that might inspire you not to give up. They are reproduced below.

Jerking off has always been one of my favorite things to do. But, when I am REALLY horny I especially like to try new things. For some time I had heard about guys who could suck their own dicks, so I thought I would just have to try. So, about six months ago, after trying and trying (and a little stretching) I was able to do it!

I begin (completely naked) laying on my back on my couch. Next I kick my legs up over my head and prop them against the arm of the couch for support. Then, with a bit of stretching and pushing down on my butt, I take my other free hand and guide my dick to my mouth (pulling on it a little). I am only able to lick and get the head of my dick in my mouth, but the sensation is incredible. In no time I am shooting in my mouth.

Now, I don't suck my own dick all the time. I jerk off normally too. Usually because after getting up from sucking myself I have a HUGE head rush and my back is sore for a little bit. I think anyone who is limber enough and has at least 6.5" down there (and is ambitious enough to put some effort into it) can accomplish this. I myself am in my 20s, 5'10" about 140lbs and have a 7" dick. I am NOT a contortionist or a circus sideshow performer. )

I'm 28, 5'8", 175#, with a 6.5" dick. (Believe me, every fraction of an inch counts here when you attempt to do the things I've done.)

I am a successful auto-felator :) I've been practicing for years. And I wanted to let you know that it IS possible and you don't have to be a "stick" to do it. And it's awesome.

I have a fairly stocky body type and I gain weight like a dry sponge sucks up water. I think, when I started, I weighed about 190+ lbs. I lay on my back and threw my legs over my head and with my feet pressed against a "HEAVY" fixed overhead object, used all my leg power to thrust my dick closer to my mouth. It took a lot of effort, but after about an hour of simultaneous jerking off, I was finally able to touch the tip of my dick with my tongue. Oh, God, it was too much. it got me so excited that I came, for the first time, all over my face. Messy.

Since then, I've gotten much better at my "technique." And wanted to share a few tips with you.

Currently, when I get in the "mood," I can stick MORE THAN HALF my dick in my mouth. Comfortably even. I can thrust it in and out without even holding it. And for me, there's nothing like feeling your own dick swell up against your lips right before you shoot into the back of your own throat.

Disgusting? Maybe. Ok. From now on, I'll spare you the details.

The cool part is YOU have control of where you shoot and where you don't. But be careful! DON'T SHOOT INTO YOUR EYES! It hurts.

For a long time, I could only touch the tip of my dick with a fully stretched tongue. First, I would start by laying on my back and and pull my legs (straight legged) over my head. basically touching your toes to the ground behind your head. I think they made us do this stretching exercise in gym class. Your goal is to hold this stretch for a minimum of 1.5 min. Don't BOUNCE! Use your hands to push on your lower back to _gently_ thrust your legs even further back. You should feel your chin being driven into your upper chest. Do this stretch three or four times with a short relaxation period between stretches. The key is to relax. There's a whole philosophy behind stretching. you might want to check into it. Although, I don't think most stretching literature is going to have tips on how to suck your own dick. You're going to have to extrapolate.

Another stretch that is good is to sit upright on the floor either cross legged or just pulling your feet together close to your crotch. Keeping your back straight, bend your head down until your chin touches your upper chest. Hold it there and mentally relax your body until the tightness in your back goes away. We used to do this stretch in gymnastics when I was a little kid. In fact, START with this stretch, always.

Once you've stretched out a bit (as above) the next thing is to find someplace or something that you can push your feet against. You, once again, lay on your back and hike your feet up over your head. But you want something "above" your head to push against. Examples: Slightly open a drawer of a HEAVY dresser and push against the under side of the drawer with your toes. Or use the underside of a computer desk. Or, here's a good one, if you have cabinets in your bathroom under the sink, open the cabinet doors and use the top edge of the cabinet doorway to push your feet against.

Now, when you are in this "position" you should be mostly on your shoulder

blades. not much of your back touches the ground. This can be quite uncomfortable and the back of your neck WILL be somewhat sore after your little escapade. Ahhh, the sacrifices.

What you do, is thrust your dick towards your mouth while pulling on your dick and pushing with your legs. Again don't bounce! Apply a constant force! You will find that you may have to hold your breath when you are in the most extreme push. It gets better though.

To get off to a good start, do this at the end of your day. Your muscles are the most relaxed they are going to be and you won't have to do so much stretching. Even BETTER is to do it after a work out (provided you do a sufficient work out). I don't do ANY other stretching outside of my little sucking sessions. I can barely touch my toes. (Touching your toes stretches the back of your legs. not your back)

Next, try not to have a full stomach. the emptier your stomach the better.

Of course, as with anything, a bit of motivation helps a lot! So, what you've got to do is bring yourself to orgasm while you're in this position. You'd be surprised just what your body will do in the heat of an orgasm. Your pain threshold sky-rockets. But you pay for it afterwards. ONE IMPORTANT thing to keep in mind is to SLLLLLLOOOOOWWWWLY come out of this position after you've been in it for a while.

A word of caution: Once I was using the bedroom dresser technique and the closer I got to orgasm the more I pushed, I was pushing so hard that I almost had my entire head in my mouth (a new record for me at that point) I got so excited that I pushed even harder! And then SNAP!

Something in my back made a VERY LOUD "SNAP!" sound. There wasn't any pain though and I just sat there wondering "Uh Oh. what did I do now?" It kind of ruined my orgasm, but I slowly let my self out of the position and just layed there for a while. Who knows? Maybe I popped one of my vertebra back into place. I didn't know it was out of place though.

So, I kind of calmed down after that, and turned to a different technique. You must keep in mind that NONE of these techniques are easy or comfortable and are only achievable thorough the pure desire to suck one's own dick.

On to the Shower Method. Ok, if you have a "normal" shower in your bathroom, you can try this. Normal means you have a long rectangular tub either with sliding doors or a shower curtain and, on the "wall" side, you have one of those nifty handles and a place to put your bar of soap (which gets all slimy after a while).

The trick here is to sit in the tub with your back to the shower curtain side. You slide down until the nape of your neck is resting near the top edge of the tub wall. Then you push with your feet against the wall (you know, the one with the "handle") and bring your dick closer to your face. BTW, you'll want to put the curtain outside the tub. because your head needs to kind of hang over the edge. Again, most of the pressure will be against your shoulder blades.

If you do the initial stretches (I described earlier) followed by a hot bath (not shower). your muscles will be very relaxed and you will have a great suck and J/O.

Now, once you are having good results with these methods, (you can put your lips on the tip of your head), use one hand to pull on your butt driving your dick even closer to your mouth. Reach between your legs (not around the outside) and grab your butt and pull it closer. Extreme. yes.

But, I've had a lot of fun and decent results doing all of the above. But, my most recent achievements have been due to my workout and a change in diet. Since my 190+ days I've been on a weight training program and I've taken up running to shed the pounds and get more muscle definition.

No, not to just suck my own dick.

I now weigh 170 lbs and have leaned down quite a bit. This, I've found, has an AMAZING impact on what you can do with auto-fellatio! I actually took a break for a while and didn't realize my new abilities until a couple of months ago. Like I said above, I can get more than half my dick into my mouth. Feeling my lips on the shaft is even better than I thought!

So, you're on the right track. You do need to lose a few pounds (mainly in the gut area) and do those stretching exercises. However, my sessions are pretty intense and I can RARELY do it two nights in a row. Usually twice a week allows my body to recover in between.

Also, be careful on carpeted or bare wood surfaces. They have to a tendency to "burn" or scrape your shoulder blades. I've had to make up stories several times when people have seen my "wounds."

Is it worth it? I wouldn't be writing if it wasn't. It's the best time you'll EVER have by yourself. Sometimes, it's even better that having sex with someone else. Sometimes.

So, uh, good luck. And don't do anything stupid. Just imagine how embarrassed you'd be if you got stuck and someone found you that way! And again, Don't cum in your eyes.

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