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Tips on how to survive in the wild

How to survive in the wilderness

An understanding of the basic concepts of how to survive in the wilderness is important if you ever find yourself in an emergency situation in the wilderness.

The will to survive

State of mind is an important factor in survival. Maintain a strong will to survive! From time to time, we can hear or read about remarkable wilderness survival stories. A common denominator for most of the survivors in these stories is a strong will to survive.

If you want to read an amazing survival story and learn how important a positive mental attitude is to survive an emergency situation, read this story.

Basic needs

In a wilderness survival situation you will be confronted with many problems that you need to overcome. There are four basic needs for survival in the wilderness.

Basic rules

Sometimes, when faced with a survival situation, stress can impact the mind and affect decision making. Survival depends on your ability to withstand stress and to take appropriate actions.

8 Basic Wilderness Survival Skills

To learn how to survive in the wilderness, it is necessary to develop certain skills. On this web page you will learn 8 basic wilderness skills:

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