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8 Tips on How to Survive in the Wilderness

How to Survive in the Wilderness

Survival rules dictate that to survive in the wilderness you will need shelter, water, fire and food. Food is not as critical as shelter and water, because the average person can survive three weeks or longer without food, yet cannot survive longer than a few hours without shelter and fire in extreme cold. The average person cannot survive longer than three days without hydration/water.

Subsequently, survival experts design survival techniques and methods that center on building shelter, collecting and purifying water and making fire and then finding food. The reality of most situations is that lost or stranded individuals are, in most cases, rescued before they succumb to starvation. However, after just a few days without adequate nutrition the body will begin to lose energy, making other survival tasks difficult to perform.

The following tips will help you to do everything within your power to stay safe, find help, and get out alive. This list assumes that you have no injuries but are just trying to find your way to safety.

1. Evaluate the Area

Evaluate your immediate area to ensure it is safe, and as a rule, you should stay in one place if you are lost to make it easier for rescue personnel to find you.

2. Take Inventory

Inventory your supplies and consider what you can use. Use materials from any mode of transportation you may have used. Always keep shelter, water, fire and food in mind when assessing uses for your supplies, tools and material.

Your best chance of survival is being prepared with the right tools. If you’re going hiking or camping, consider taking items from the following list along with you just in case. This list of items is designed to provide anyone the needed tools and materials to build a shelter, make fire, collect and purify water, and collect/obtain a food source.

• Multi-Purpose Knife/Tool

• Fixed Bladed Knife

• Magnesium Stick For Fire Starting

• Eight To 12 Pound Monofilament Fishing Line

• Sewing Kit For Wound Stitching And Repairs To Clothes or Gear

• Light Gauge Wire For Snares And Binding Material

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