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How To Swallow Cum With Ease – 3 Simple Steps

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You may already have read about the Bad Girl’s Bible and our legendary blowjob techniques. Well today, I want to cover what you can do at the end of your blowjob to make it a wonderful experience for both of you.

Don’t worry! Swallowing your man’s load is not about turning your mouth into a urinal!

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Learning how to swallow cum is an interesting topic. For some girls, the thought is terrifying, while for others it can be very erotic and fun. This guide will teach you how, you’ll learn:

  • How To Make It Taste Better. It’s Actually Really Simple.
  • When You Shouldn’t Swallow His Load.
  • Why You Don’t Have To Swallow It.

Swallowing your man’s load is something you are going to be doing after giving him a blowjob (if you are looking for tips and techniques on how to give a blowjob. you’ll find tips here. here and here. while if you are looking forВ tips on giving a handjob, then check out this article ). One of the main psychological reasons why your man may want you to swallow his load after cumming is that it’s a submissive gesture. And lets be honest here, a lot of guys like to take the dominant role when having sex with a girl. Another (and sadder reason) is because he has seen it in a porno and wants to try it out himself.

1. What Does Cum Taste Like?

Your man’s cum will usually taste a little bitter and salty, but it usually doesn’t taste completely awful. The taste of your man’s cum depends a lot on what your man has just eaten. A lot of girls have found that

if their man has been eating something like asparagus, artichokes or anything greasy it will taste a lot nastier than usual.

However, if your man has been drinking a lot of fruit juice or eating a lot of sweet fruit a few hours before you go down on him, it will taste quite sweet and will make it much easier to swallow.

2. How To Swallow His Load

Swallowing your mans load is fairly easy. All you need to do is just allow him to ejaculate into your mouth. Then when he is finished orgasming, just swallow it. Sometimes, you might want to wash it down with a glass of water or something like fruit juice/soda to mask it’s taste.

WARNING: В I only advise swallowing your man’s load if he is completely free of STD’s/infections. To do otherwise is dangerous to your health.

3. I Don’t Want To Swallow His Cum!

You may be in a relationship with a guy who really wants you to swallow his cum, while you may not want to swallow it. That’s perfectly fine. The important thing is to talk to him about it. Great relationships are based on mutual understanding and respect. You should never allow a guy to do something to you that you don’t want him to do. Make sure that he knows this.

As with almost all safe sexual practices, my advice is to try it at least once with a guy that you like, before deciding whether or not swallowing a guy’s load is something you enjoy or don’t enjoy.

If you plan on finishing off a blowjob by swallowing your man’s cum, then make sure that you give him a great bj. The Bad Girl’s Bible has great tips on everything from blowjobs to giving your man a handjob to great sex positions .

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