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How To Swim Faster

tips on how to swim faster

Hi I'm Paul, this is Theo from

We're going to give you a few tips on swimming today. You're more than welcome to contact us for any more information or to book a session. Thank you.

So now we're going to teach you how to swim faster. We're going to point out some common mistakes in swimming techniques and then were gonna correct them and show you what to look out for, for good technique. This is Theo swimming with bad technique.

His arms are just moving as quickly as possible. He's not really thinking about timing too much. He's breathing whenever he wants.

There's no specific pattern of breathing. Splashing, a lot of slapping of the water. You see one hand sets off and the other hand sets off pretty much midway off, they never meet each other at the front.

Watch that again: a lot of slapping. A lot of

breathing and because his moving his arms at the same time, he's never cutting through the water in a streamline position. What we're trying to do to get good technique is we're trying to encourage a long body shape.

The longer the body shape, the less drag. Alright, we'll now have a look at Theo swimming correct technique. So focusing on keeping his body length long, one hand staying in front of the other, and one hand meeting it.

Theo's thinking about the bent arm as he pulls through and the breathing will be a lot slower and a lot more regular. Ok. Okay.

Well now you see he's not breathing anywhere near as much. Meaning, he can focus more on speed and streamline position.

So that was a guide to swimming faster if you want more information or if you want to book a session to swim faster yourself go to

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