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5 Expert Tips on How to Talk to Guys

tips on how to talk to guys

You have been seeing him train in the morning daily for some few months and God, this man is so fine! From a corner of your eye, you also think you have caught him glancing in your direction. In this situation you need to know how to talk to guys and win them over.

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1. Catch His Eye & Smile

If you see the guy that you like next time, catch not only his eye but also smile while maintaining eye contact with them for at least three seconds. If he is interested, he will not only smile back but even make the first move if you are lucky. But if he does not, do not give up. Catch his eye and smile once more and make it a little longer each time. Toss your hair some, and flirt. He will start the conversation in no time.

2. Use laughter to your advantage

A hearty laughter shows that you are a happy girl. When you are happy and laughing, it is almost irresistible for others not to join in. So tell a corny joke or two. Allow your

sense of humor to shine.

3. Give him an opportunity to talk

It is human nature to ramble when nervous. If you dominate the conversation and forget to ask questions, you come across as someone who is self-absorbed. Pause and take a deep breath and let your man take part in the conversation.

4. Let your guy know you are interested

One of the best ways to let someone know that you are interested in knowing them better is through flirting. And the good thing is that flirting is quite easy. Do what comes natural and be yourself.

Don’t focus so much on impressing the guy. Sometimes ladies tend to embellish the truth a little, it is much better to be open and honest and always be just you. Reveal parts of your life which are most rewarding. These could be your interests, your family and your friends. Share who you are with the guy and trust in his attraction to the real you.

The Bottom Line

Your first conversation with a man is important will affect how your crush perceives you. Don’t just say anything. Learn how to talk to a guy and your chances of nailing your catch will be greatly improved.

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