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Tips on how to talk to your crush

Van Tran

Are you falling in love with someone but do not know how to talk to your crush and make them fall in love with you? The thought of striking a conversation with your crush might make you feel a little bit anxious at the beginning. However, if you take things slow and concentrate on the right approach that contains 3 main stages – the introduction, the attention and the chemistry stage – then you will recognize it is not as difficult as your thoughts.

The following tips will show you useful tips to help you get your crush noticing you and like you back. In this article, I will go directly to the topic, no sugar coating here, but I make sure that everyone can make use of these tricks easily. From !

I. How To Talk To Your Crush – 8 Ways To Start The Conversation 

1. Ask For Support

When it comes to ways on how to talk to your crush, this might be the easiest way. To ask your crush for help when they are standing

nearby, you pretend like you are looking for something, such as a specific person or book. Then, look around impatiently and dramatically. Pretend like you are really panicking as you are already late for something.

After that, all of a sudden, you lock the eyes with the person you are fall in love  with, ask them a question, “Did you see any book lying around this place?” And, when the crush answers your questions, you continue to look around for several more seconds. Keep exchanging a fleeting gland, smile or nod and walk away like you are busy or flustered. Remember that you should not begin the conversation here, or it will appear like you are faking it to communicate with them.

2. Drop Something 

If you are walking in front of or pass that person, you then should “accidentally” drop something a little value like a piece of paper or a pen. When your crush notices that, they will use the excuse to start a real conversation with you. In case that your crush does not realize it, you also have nothing to lose.

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