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Tips on how to tone up

tips on how to tone up

Alright this is straight from Beachbodies book of dieting. This is a 3 day diet that is called the "photoshoot diet" alright it's tough not gonna lie. This diet mainily looks to rid yourself of water weight. Day 1 - 3 "The Cleanse" Water Water and more water. Wake Up Water, AM Workout (optional) Pre Breakfast Water. (all these waters are 8oz glasses) Then Breakfast, 2 options here. Protein shake or 1/2 cup of fruit juice. That's IT. NO MORE! Then Pre snack water, snack comes 1-2 hours after breakfast. Now Snack, 1/2 cup of Almonds, or not and or, Veggie Juice, Fruit Juice, or small salad. NO CROUTONS, FAT FREE DRESSING. Pre Lunch Water, 1-2 hours later, SALAD and Oatmeal. When you get done eating Drink more water. PM WORKOUT (optional). PM SNACK same options (almonds, juice, 1/2 cup each) Pre Dinner Water. Veggies and oatmeals for dinner.

Part 2: GET TONED - 2 days

Wake up water

6 egg

whites - breakfast, AM Water, Meat, grilled no oil, small salad. - Lunch. Pre Snack water PM Snack 4 oz. of meat, leafy green veggie. Pre dinner water. Dinner, 4-8 oz meat. 1 cup leavy green veggie. Late PM Snack - Ice, eat ice suck on it whatever.

NO WATER! So now drink a 1 protein shake for breakfast. Lunch - Protein shake or Salad, Dinner - ice. not joking. This is only 6 days but it will change your body. You will drop alot of weight quick. Key is to drink alot of water. Working out may be hard in the last 48 hours. So be careful. I did this before i went to Florida and i looked fantastic for the whole trip there. 5 days. Literally shreds fat and loses all water weight.

All meals are 1 - 2 hours apart, that means BFast, Snack, Lunch, Snack, Dinner, Snack. and water before each.

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