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How to Treat Guys on a Date

tips on how to treat a woman

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The rules of chivalry are drilled into our brains at an early age to ensure that men know how to treat women on dates. But what about the other way around? The actions and manners of a woman toward her date play just as crucial a role in the overall tone of the date, and possibly a future relationship. Dating can be challenging and perhaps even awkward. But regardless of the bitter taste that dating has left in the mouths of some people, it is a necessity for anyone seeking a monogamous relationship. Women can steer their dates in a positive direction with minor courtesies.

Listen carefully and recap information. For example, if he tells you that his dog's name is Buster, try to mention "Buster" later in the conversation so your date knows you were paying attention. This might be particularly challenging if a man delves into conversation topics that are unfamiliar to most

women, such as welding, construction or sports. Remember there is no shame in admitting you are not versed on that topic, but you are interested in having him explain it to you.

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Compliment him. While you were picking an outfit and spending an hour doing your hair, he was probably spending some time on his appearance as well. Commenting on his nice suit or his cologne, for example, will make him feel attractive and wanted.

Offer to help pay for the meal or activity. In modern society, the gentleman does not always have to take care of the bill. Some people follow the code that whoever asked for the date should pay. Otherwise, propose that you split the bill or at least offer to handle the tip for the server. If things are going really well, you can use this as an opportunity to suggest another date, and offer to pay next time.

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