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How to use the Safari web browser on the Mac

tips on how to use a mac

Mac OS X Yosemite comes with Apple's Safari web browser. Here is how to use some of the best features packed into Apple’s Safari. Become a Safari expert, apply these 20 tips for Safari on the Mac, plus learn about some of the new features coming in Safari in El Capitan.

    Pin favourites 1

    Mute audio 2

    Safari Extensions 3

    Safari Reader 4

    Safari AirPlay integration 5

    See the whole URL 6

    Shared Links sidebar 7

    Endless Scrolling 8

    Recent shares 9

    Retweet from Safari 10

    Top Sites 11

    Favourites 12

    New tab view in Safari 13

    Close Other Tabs 14

    Only Flash for YouTube 15

    Reopen all windows 16

    Space to Scroll 17

    Private Browsing 18

    Search privacy 19

    Clear online history 20

    Copy Image 21

    Safari Extensions 22

    Subscribe to RSS feed 23

    AirDrop web pages 24

    Export a page as PDF 25

    Remove web notifications 26 More stories

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Tip 1 of 26: Coming in El Capitan: How to Pin favourites in Safari

The new version of OS X El Capitan will launch later this year, read on to find out more about the new features coming to Apple's web browser.

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