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Tips on how to vomit

tips on how to vomit

Tips on treating vomit


In response to enquiries on how vomit should be effectively cleaned to prevent the spread of viral gastroenteritis, a spokesman for the Department of Health (DH) today (November 29) gave the following tips:

* wear gloves and mask while cleaning the vomit;

* use disposable towels to wipe away all the vomit before applying diluted bleach 1:49 to the surface and neighbouring area (say within two meters of the vomit);

* leave for about 30 minutes to allow the bleach to inactivate viruses in the vomit before rinsing the surface with water;

* keep children away from the area during the cleaning process;

* floor mops should not be used for cleaning the vomit.

The spokesman said soiled belongings/clothes of children should not be washed in schools or centres.

These items should be put in plastic bags for collection by parents instead. Parents should use household bleach to disinfect the belongings/clothes at home.

The spokesman said tips on treating vomit are contained in Guidelines on Prevention of Communicable Diseases made available to schools, kindergartens, child care centres and institutions. The Guidelines can also be downloaded from DH website (Public Health and Disease Surveillance).

He said that to prevent communicable diseases caused by norovirus and rotavirus, members of the public should also note the following:

* wash hands thoroughly before handling food and eating and after using the toilet or handling vomit or faecal matter;

* any students feeling unwell should stay home from school.

* maintain good indoor ventilation;

* make sure that food, particularly seafood and shellfish, is cooked thoroughly.

End/Saturday, November 29, 2003

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