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Tips on how to win a beauty pageant

tips on how to win a beauty pageant

The Miss America 2014 Pageant: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

by Allison Brenner

Congratulations to Miss New York 2014, Nina Davuluri. our new Miss America 2014. Could she be any more gorgeous. In all honesty, her head shot didn’t really stand out online before the show but she immediately became Allie’s top pick when she hit the stage in her leopard print bikini (way to stand out, sister!). That amazing first impression stuck with her as she dominated evening gown in what one could argue was the best dress of the night and then answered her on stage question exceptionally well. Nicole’s favorite contestant this year was Crystal Lee, Miss California, who secured the position of 1st Runner Up. We know how to pick ‘em! Congrats, ladies!

What was really great about the show this year from our perspective was the diversity of the contestants in the top 15. There was a redhead, several Asians, an African America, brunettes, blondes…it was fabulous. We love to see all kinds of beauty represented in the top because after all, there are so many different types of beauty in this country. Thank you to the Miss America judges panel for picking an incredible melting pot of women to represent this great country.

We also really enjoyed the swimsuit competition this year  because the girls were fit, but they weren’t stick thin like we are used to seeing on stage. We really love seeing healthy bodies. Lastly, the music in this year’s production was hot, hot, hot. Lady Gaga’s “Applause” for swimsuit and “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons for evening gown were SPOT ON. We were singing along and totally into it.

What we didn’t like about Miss America this year was the absurdity of some of the intros and the overall rushed feeling of the show. We felt like the contestant intros were kind of strange from a content perspective and the girls didn’t look their best (FIRST IMPRESSIONS!). Hair, make-up, and even wardrobe didn’t seem “full out” for the introductions (that’s a cheerleading/dance term for awesome sauce). During evening gown, we could barely keep up as the girls were seemingly rushing

across the stage. We wanted more time to evaluate gowns and get a better feel for the contestants’ general poise. Overall, the show was amazing (the quality of talent was far greater than prior years) and the Miss America team did a phenomenal job really ramping up the hype this year. The media attention over Miss Kansas (for both her military service and her tatts) really created buzz (she was announced first as one of the America’s Choice finalists). The drama surrounding Miss Florida’s knee injury then calling her last for talent really played up the suspense. Florida  was a true competitor with admirable spirit who certainly deserved her place in to Top 5. I have never seen anyone rock a stage like she did in flip-flops. Right on!

Now, let’s get to the ugly portion of this year’s competition because we all know that people can’t help but act crazy around pageants. First of all, it is NEVER ok to bash anyone for their heritage or skin color in any venue…EVER. There were so many disturbing comments coming out of social media after Nina won. Why are we even addressing her skin color; what year is this, 1950? She is a gorgeous, accomplished woman. End of story. If you have a problem with her, you have a problem with Pageant Professors because 2 members of our 3-person team are not white. Find something better to do with your time and reprimand your parents for not raising you better.

Lastly, we wanted to direct you all to our Evening Gown 101 video. because we think Nina really made an amazing choice when it came to cut and color. She practiced what we preach: play up the art of contrast in evening gown. Her dark hair really made that yellow dress pop.  Because it had such a deep neckline, she chose not to do a slit. Well played. We love the choices that she made when it came to everything about that dress. For more information on how you can study up to pass your next pageant test, click here for Evening Gown 101 – All About Color (it’s free!): Part 1 & Part 2 !

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