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"Eight-Time Beauty Queen and Top Pageant Coach Reveals Insider Secrets That Will Virtually Guarantee You'll Win Your Next Pageant"

My name is Tiffany, and I have spent years competing in beauty pageants. When I first started competing, I wasn't very successfull, but I was determined to succeed. So, I spent thousands of dollars - on books, tapes, pageant coaches, etc. learning how to win.

Along the way, I learned a lot of secrets that gave me an edge – and I started winning. Within four years, I had won eight different pageants. Today, I make over $200 an hour as a pageant coach.

You Can Have The "Unfair" Advantage - Without The Incredible Cost

When my clients listen to my beauty pageant tips, they often win. In my first five pageants, I thought I was prepared and I was so determined to win, but I never even made it to the semi-finals. If I had known then what I know now. I could have saved myself so much heartache.

And to be completely honest, I just don’t think it’s fair that only a privileged few benefit from the knowledge I’ve discovered.


for a very limited time. I’m going to share my secrets in a downloadable audio interview. The information I reveal will help you win your next beauty pageant. I'm also including 7 bonuses. One of the bonuses is a 49-page book that contains over 1,150 actual pageant interview questions that have been used in actual competitions.

In the interview I talk about things like:

  • T urning pre-pageant jitters into a secret weapon
  • The right way to interact with judges and sponsors
  • A secret natural remedy that will keep you calm, cool and collected
  • Two simple, inexpensive secrets that banish oily skin
  • The right way to prepare for the onstage interview question – so that you sound poised, confident and intelligent – not over rehearsed
  • What not to wear to the interview – so many girls ruin their chances right from the start
  • How to choose the right swimsuit
  • How to get the best sponsors

The secrets I reveal in this interview alone are enough to give you the advantage over every other contestant. But that's not all!

Along with my tell-all interview, you get some pretty amazing bonuses:

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