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How To Win McDonald’s Monopoly Game, 2013 Edition

This post covers the 2013 version of the McDonald’s Monopoly game. Here is the post covering the 2014 Edition of the McDonald’s Monopoly game .

If you’re like me, you look forward to the McDonald’s Monopoly game every single year. If you thought this year’s game would start in the fall, well you’re in store for a real treat.

This year the McDonald’s Monopoly game will be starting a whopping two months earlier than last year. This year’s game started on July 16th and will run until August 12th. I don’t know why they started the game so early but it likely messed up preparations for so many Monopoly fans. (The last few years, the game started in September)

As we’ve done every year, we go over the rules and regulations to put together this guide to winning the McDonald’s Monopoly game. As is the case every year, it depends mostly on luck but with our guide you can have a better informed gaming experience. As was the case last year, the prize pool is bigger with two Boardwalk pieces, and McDonald’s is more transparent with the odds by publishing the probability you get every piece (even the common ones).

Overall, besides changing some of the prizes and the probabilities, the game hasn’t changed

in many years. You can get game pieces by purchasing food from McDonald’s or mailing it self-addressed stamped envelopes. Those pieces will be a mix of instant win, for food, money, and other prizes, and game properties. Match up monopolies with the game properties and you win an even bigger prize. There are usually two common pieces and one rare piece.

2013 Rare Game Pieces & Prizes

There is always one rare piece and two common pieces in each monopoly (with the exception of Park Place/Boardwalk because there are only two pieces). The common pieces are really common (Park Place is 1 in 11) and the rare piece is really rare (Boardwalk is 1 in 3,050,412,898). Get the rare piece and you pretty much win the prize.

The key is to get that rare piece, which is usually the last one when you list all the properties in alphabetical order. Last year, they only published the probability to get the prize. This year, they’ve once again published the probabilities of each piece.

For 2013, there were some adjustments to the rarities, prize pool, and what your prizes were. Here are the monopoly prizes, listed based on the rare pieces (probability is the probability of the monopoly, not of getting the rare piece):

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