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3 Tips On How To Write Better Lyrics

tips on how to write a rap

There are some exercises you could do, which would improve your writing skills, if you do them on a regular basis. I used to do all three of them at one point, so I can guarantee that they will get you results.

1.  Duplicate Songs

What you do is:

-Pick a favorite song of yours

-Write down the lyrics

-Rap along with the song(rap it exactly as the rapper does it)

-Get the Instrumental of the Track

-Use the same rhyme structures of the official song, but write your own lyrics

-Perform it

What this would do for you, is that it will help you to see the actual techniques your favorite rapper used. You’ll be able to get a close look at his creativity and familiarize yourself with the way he has written a specific song.

Picking apart their work, would allow you to answer the questions above and get a great insight into the techniques they’ve used. Once you know the stock methods, you can then take and personalize anything you like. Add some of your flavor to it and make it yours. Upgrade it!

So, this can be a very helpful exercise.

2. Paragraph Writing

What you do is:

-Write down a

few sentences on any subject you want.(No rhymes, regular formulated sentences)

-Choose an instrumental

-Try to convert the short essay into a verse

This is quite good, since it develops your ability to stay on point, once you start rhyming.

We all know that we have that bad habit of wondering off to some other none related topic, just because the rhyming set is leading you there. We lose focus and our content goes all over the place.

This technique will polish up your skill of saying exactly what you want, but in rhyme form. When you do it for a while, you’ll be able to write a simple sentence, in a complicated rhyme structure, while maintaining the concentration of its actual meaning.

It’s a very good exercise. I do recommend it.

3. Innovative Schemes

This is something which you can train yourself to do. Try and create a new rhyme scheme with every new song you write. Don’t just use your old and proven rhyme schemes. Experiment. Always keep your mind open for new ways of writing and rapping. The moment you stop learning is the moment you start dying!

Do you have any questions or comments? How did you improve your writing? Which method did you use?

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