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How To Do Snowboarding Tricks

tips on learning how to snowboard

How To Do Snowboard Tricks: Ivan Moens at Hemel Hempstead gives you tips on the three fundamentals of snowboarding: balance, positioning, and timing.

Hi, my name is Ivan Moens. I'm a Hemel freestyle coach, FUB park builder and a shape park at Hemel on Fridays. I'm here today at Hemel Hempstead to teach you how to do a snowboard trick.

So basically, the snowboard tricks, the thinking goes behind 3 fundamentals which are balance, positioning, and timing. The majority of snowboarding will literally be in your head. 10% of it is literally just standing around not doing very much.

So you want to get these three things nailed down and what-not. All right, talking about balance on your snowboard, this involves how high up you are, or how low to the ground you are. Obviously, all of your gravity comes straight from your core: the lower your core is to the snow, the more balance you're going to have while on a rail, while riding your snowboard, while going off a jump -- no matter where you are, it's all fundamental.

So throughout riding, you want to basically relax a little bit, push your knees out to the edge, until you feel your core almost sinks. And then that way, you have a lot more balance, a lot more stability, and if you were to fall over, you have got this much positioning to actually move out of actually going to fall over and what-not. So you want to keep that in mind when you come to doing any trick, as well as when you're riding along: how high up or how low down you need to


Secondly is positioning. This is really important in terms of every trick that you will ever come to do, as well as just again, riding around normally. For positioning, in terms of rails and kickers and stuff, there's normally about three different positions you need to adopt.

One is just the normal capital stance, which is what you'd have if you're just riding along, which is shoulders nice and parallel to the board. Again, just squatting down nicely, core sunk a little bit. Other positions include going onto your right foot, which again is basically making an imaginary line, drawing it through your head and through your foot.

So if you're looking down, you can fully see your foot underneath you. So your hips, shoulders and knee are all over that foot, and everything else is in position. That way, I'm fully on the waist here.

Again, with the other foot, it's the same thing: draw an imaginary line again through your head, down through your foot, knee, shoulder, and hip again, cross over the left side of your foot. And these basically form the fundamental in terms of your positioning on a snowboard. And then you can get a lot more into detail, actually, which trick you want to do, which are a ton of positions you need to learn and adopt.

And the last thing is your timing, which basically works out with your speed. It works out where you want to jump, where you want to land. It's all about basically waiting for that right moment where you go and initiate the trick and hold the trick, and again, land the trick.

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