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Tips For Sleeping Better While Pregnant

tips on sleeping when pregnant

Often, women experience difficulty getting proper rest while pregnant. Hormonal changes and physical discomfort can get in the way of you getting the sleep you need. The struggles differ with each trimester:

The first trimester will consist of an increased need to urinate, causing frequent waking and stirring throughout the night, and increased sleepiness throughout the daytime.

During the second trimester. the need to urinate will lessen as the baby has moved above the bladder rather than on top; however, physical discomfort will start to become more of a problem.

In the third trimester conditions can include the following: discomfort caused by growing belly; heartburn, leg cramps, and sinus congestion. These conditions may cause frequent waking and stirring; and the need to urinate will return as your baby grows.

Regardless of which trimester you are in, getting good sleep can be an issue. Here are 5 tips that can help you get the sleep you and your baby need while you are pregnant:

  • Extra Pillows. Keep extra pillows around for comfort and support. A pillow between your legs will help support your lower back.
  • Relaxation Methods - Relaxing your mind and muscles will help you get better sleep. Methods for relaxation include stretching, yoga, receiving a massage, and deep breathing exercises.
  • Exercise- Regular exercise during pregnancy not only promotes physical health, but also promotes mental health. Physical and emotional discomfort while sleeping can be reduced if you are exercising regularly.
  • Sleeping Routine- Getting into a regular routine will be helpful as your body will become accustomed to sleeping at a regular bedtime.
  • Nutrition- Eating foods that are high in carbs, like bread or crackers, can promote better sleeping habits. Also, having a snack high in protein before bed can help prevent bad dreams, headaches, and hot flashes.

Dr. Mary Hinkle, from our North location, gives some advice on getting good sleep during pregnancy:

“Good sleep habits, try to do something relaxing in the evening, avoid caffeine. Make sure the room is cool, the bed is comfortable, have good pillows.”

Have you or someone you know experienced problems sleeping during pregnancy? Share some of your tips on getting better sleep during pregnancy in the comments section below!

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