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Cruise Packing Tips – Clothing What to Pack

What to Pack

Going on a cruise can be exciting! Especially when you take an river cruise in some far off exotic country. After you book the cruise and the exhileration wears off you start to realize that packing for a cruise can be daunting. Fear not, we have a few tips to help you get ready for an exciting journey. First and foremost do your research! Go to Google and type in climate. You will find all kinds of info, graphs, charts, and images on the climate broken down by month. See what the highs and overnight lows are for the period of time you will be traveling. Check precipitation data to figure out if you will experience rain or not. After you get a good idea of what to expect then you can begin to think about what to pack.

Packing for a Cruise: What Clothes to Pack?

Suitcases and knapsacks tend to fill quickly just before any vacation. For travelers going on their first cruise, words like “smart casual” or “formal nights” may incite a flurry of packing. Such heavy packers quickly realize how difficult it is to maneuver a huge suitcase in the small hallways and packed elevators of a cruise ship. It’s tough to know what these dress codes entail, or how others are likely to dress on board ship. Luckily, as with anything, packing just a few classic items can save you some stress and back pain.

Clothing for Formal Nights

A good rule for formal attire is one suit for the men, and two dresses for the ladies. Men will want to pack a second pair of slacks and a nice dress shirt. This way, you can change up the outfits a bit and dress in halves, depending on whether you are going to a night event or formal dinner. It is likely that most people will opt for casual dining at least

a few nights, so don’t over-pack on formal wear.

Shorts Weather

Casual Clothing and Daytime Wear

Depending on where the cruise will visit, different daytime attire may be necessary. On a Caribbean cruise stopping at a private island beach, a pair of shorts and a T-shirt will do fine. For a European or Asian tour, shorts will stick out like a sore thumb. People in these countries tend to dress a bit more formally day-to-day.

You will still want the shorts and bathing suits for lounging on the ship though. For a cruise visiting only beaches, a few pair of shorts, a sundress or beach cover-up, two nice shirts, and two everyday shirts are fine. For a cruise visiting historic or cultural sites, replace about half of that with longer skirts or casual dresses for the ladies, and button-up shirts for the men. If the tours will take you to any religious sites, remember that knees and shoulders are a no-no.

Quick Tips on Alcohol and Cell Phones

If you can’t live without a cell phone, make sure you fully understand the provider’s charge structure and roaming fees. A good rule of thumb is to expect $1 to send a text message and $1 to receive one. Calls are even more outrageous. Leave cell phones at home if possible. Bringing them on board just puts temptation closer at hand.

Alcohol abounds on most cruises, but at a price. For people not going the all-inclusive route, it becomes tempting to bring your own. Check your cruise line’s policies before bringing a bottle on board. Many do not allow it. If you do get a bottle on- remember the corkscrew.

In Conclusion research, pack, and double check. Pack light an bring some extra money to buy a few outfits while traveling. See what the culture and people wear. And check out some online articles on packing light.

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