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Tips On How To Learn To Swim


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Learning how to swim can be a daunting task initially, but there is nothing for you to be afraid of. Learning to swim is easier than you may think. Just get the right swimming suit, which you can find at affordable prices thanks to coupons for Boden. and go into the water! You might be lost at the beginning, but you can make the task much simpler by following these five helpful tips.

1. Get Help From A Friend

Solo swimming is not advisable, especially for someone who is just starting to learn the ropes. When learning to swim, it is best to bring a buddy, someone who is experienced and can help you if you run into any trouble, someone who can provide reassurance if you become fearful. A friend can also provide crucial pointers and correct your form when you are not swimming in the proper manner.

2. Take Your Time

We are not used to spending large amounts of time in the water. We need to take our time and develop a feel for our new surroundings before jumping in with both feet. Don’t immediately leap into the deep end and start thrashing about. Move around in the shallow end and take a few practice strokes before heading to deeper waters. When learning how to swim, it is also best to start off in a pool of warm water,

as swimming in cold waters increases feelings of anxiety.

Blowing bubbles into the water seems counter intuitive and most of us instinctively hold our breath once we are in the water or underneath the surface. But a huge part part of learning how to swim properly is learning how to breathe while you are in the water. Begin practicing in the shallow end of the pool, by placing your face into the water and exhaling slowly. This allows you to become more relaxed and helps to assuage the fear of drowning.

4. Break Down The Task

Any task seems more difficult when you approach it in its entirety, as opposed to breaking it down into bite size, manageable chunks. Practice your strokes on dry land before getting into the pool, so that you can anticipate your own movements. Break down your particular swimming technique or stroke style, whichever it may be, into sections. By doing so, you can hone your technique before you have even set foot in the pool.

5. Use Your Fins

Yes, wearing fins in the pool can be quite embarrassing. However, it is not nearly as embarrassing as attempting to swim in public, starting to drown and having to be saved by a lifeguard. Until you feel as though you have mastered the art of swimming to the fullest extent, wear your fins! No matter how uncool it may look, it just might save your life.

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