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Tips when moving

1. Where and How to Start Packing?

2. Everything You Need to Know About Moving Boxes

Cell box: You can purchase specialty boxes from a moving store or ask for used cell boxes at your grocery store or specialty liquor store.

When you're moving, getting organized with boxes is an important step. Should you spend some money and buy sturdy boxes, or is recycling old ones the way to go? Is bigger better? Sure a big box will hold more, but is the box strong enough to hold more, and will it then be too unwieldy to carry?  And how many will I need?

To get you thinking beyond the box, here is help on what you need to know when getting boxes for your move.  More »

3. Easy and Essential Packing Quick Tips

4. Must Have Packing Supplies

8. Guide to Packing Pictures, Frames and Mirrors

A friend of mine who moved recently

decided to move her framed pictures by stacking them side-by-side then taping them together. While she managed to move them from her old home to the new place without any chips or breaks, the tape ruined the finish.

So, how do you pack pictures and frames without chipping corners or breaking glass or using tape that will cause permanent damage? Find out in this easy step-by-step guide. You'll be sure to have all your artwork and photos arrive safely. More »

9. How to Pack Flatware and Plates

It may seem that plates are pretty easy to pack and move. But, over the years and many moves our family has made, we found that plates can be easily chipped and cracked depending on how they're packed into the box.

Use this guide to pack your places to ensure they arrive in one piece.  More »

10. All You Need to Know About an Essentials Box and How to Pack One

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