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Moving Out Of State Tips

By Pamela Smith. a moving industry professional, author and writer. Posted on Moving Tips and Tricks

Moving out of state is a much more complicated affair than moving locally within the same state or ideally – within the same city . A state to state move requires a meticulous organization, impeccable timing and perfect execution for a truly successful relocation. And speaking of successful relocation stories, who wouldn’t want to move to another state smoothly AND cheaply at the same time?

Follow the handpicked moving out of state tips below to write your own happy ending to the moving adventure that is a move to another state.

Expenses And Costs When Moving Out Of State

How to move out of state cheaply?

A reasonably priced out of state move is perfectly possible – follow the cost saving tips below to keep the moving costs to their absolute minimum.

Set a moving out-of-state budget

Setting up a budget for your upcoming out-of-state move is an important step that shouldn’t be skipped. After all, it’s your hard-earned money that is on the line here and the better you play out your cards, the more dollars you’ll manage to save in the end. And knowing in advance how much your interstate move will roughly cost you (an estimate) will give you a good reference point, a shrewd financial strategy and a decent preliminary idea of how your entire move to another state will be financed.

Find out the cost of relocation by filling out our free moving cost estimator .

Find the best cross country movers

Best movers = high quality services + reasonable prices

Choosing a good and reliable state to state mover often is the most crucial factor that will inevitably determine the outcome of the move itself. You want to entrust your valuable household goods to an experienced and reliable moving company that will take good care of your possessions when packing, carrying, loading, transporting and unpacking them. You need a mover with long years of experience and high level of professionalism in order to have a problem-free move. But where and most importantly, how can you find such a reliable out of state moving company?

The process of hunting down and selecting trustworthy cross country movers is not a piece of cake, but it’s not overly hard either. It takes nothing but time, patience and smart decisions. Follow these 4 major steps to find the right moving service provider for your out-of-state move:

  1. Search through reliable movers state by state and check their online reputation by reading moving reviews, testimonials and ratings about their relocation services left by satisfied or dissatisfied customers.
  2. See if the movers are rightfully licensed by checking their electronic record with the U.S. Department of Transportation, or more precisely, confirming that they have a USDOT number issued by the government.
  3. Request in-house visual estimation of the household items you have for transportation from the few selected movers and ask them to furnish you with a binding written estimate for the moving costs.
  4. Take a good look at the received moving estimates, compare carefully the rates and the corresponding services included. It shouldn’t be too hard to pick up the winner – the moving company that fits comfortably within your set budget and fulfills your pre-move requirements and needs. Thus said, refrain from accepting an offer that is suspiciously lower than the rest.

Book early and schedule right

Having already figured out your moving date, you should not delay reserving your move with the moving company you have selected. There’s no such thing as booking a move too early. On the contrary, the earlier you reserve your date, the better the chance to receive a better deal in the end. And this is especially true during the height of the moving season (summer moving season ) when the demand for relocation services reaches its peak.

To lower the moving costs even more . think about moving out of state during the off-peak season. If you do have the luxury to choose the time of your move to another state, then it’s advisable that you choose a weekday (rather than the weekend) in the middle of the month (rather than the beginning and end of the month) anywhere between September and May. Have in mind that most moving companies will be willing to offer steep discounts, sometimes up to 30% off their standard rates, in order to secure more moving jobs. So, why not take advantage of your scheduling flexibility?

Ask and it may be given to you

Regardless of the exact timing of your out-of-state relocation, don’t forget to ask your movers if there are any current discounts or ongoing promotions that can additionally lower your final bill. It never hurts to ask, of course, and you could only benefit from your inquiry. Most people take it that since they are not offered a discount, it means that there is none to offer. However, practice has shown that that is not always the case.

Preparations For Moving Out Of State

Packing to move out of state is always quicker and safer with a moving company.

A successful move to another state requires extensive preparations and careful planning. Do not be fooled that you can handle your move really fast but start the preparation period as soon as you possibly can.

How to pack when moving out of state

Packing, of course, is the major task that you’ll need to tick off as finished before the arrival of Moving day. Depending on your household size and the number of packers, this arduous job can be completed anywhere within a few days up to a month, or even more. The packing process is rarely as simple as it looks (just placing a few items in a cardboard box and taping the latter shut), for there are many things to consider before and while packing your household for a move.

Take a look at the useful pointers below for a pleasant and trouble-free packing experience:

  • Packing materials. Packing your household goods without the proper packing materials is simply unthinkable. If you can afford it, it’s obviously best to get brand new high-quality packing supplies either from your movers or from the nearest office supply store. But sometimes you may need to think outside the moving box in order to cut down on your moving expenses because, you know, moving is fairly expensive as it is. And as far as packing supplies go, the biggest expense is the king of packing materials – boxes. Cardboard boxes in good condition can be obtained (most often for free) from large local businesses (supermarkets, retail stores, bookstores, etc.) just for the asking or from friends who you know have relocated recently. Furthermore, bubble wrap can be substituted for old towels or thick pieces of clothing while packing paper can be replaced by cheap newsprint paper.
  • Packing strategy. Once you have procured all the packing materials you’ll ever need for your interstate move, it’s time to come up with a solid packing strategy. Obviously, you can’t just go from one room to another and put random items into random boxes without carefully planning your packing moves first. Well, actually you can do it but we guarantee you that you won’t like the final result. Consider beginning the packing process from the premises that you use most infrequently

    (garage, attic, basement, spare room) and work your way towards the rooms you use on a daily base. Also, decide how to prepare the big, bulky and heavy items first (furniture, kitchen appliances, etc.) and take care of your smallest possessions in the very end.

Why not pocket some needful cash by organizing a moving sale for the stuff you will no longer need?

Tough decisions to make. Moving your entire household as it is seldom is a reasonable and justifiable solution. Remember that you’re going to get charged for the distance to your home in another state and the total weight of the shipment, so the fewer items you have for transportation, the more you’re going to save on your move. And frankly, are you really going to need all of your stuff in your new place? Go through your possessions carefully and decide which ones (like, want and will need in the near future) you’re taking with you and which ones (never liked, don’t want and won’t need in the foreseeable future) you’re leaving behind. Sell at a moving sale . give away to friends or donate to charity all the items you’ve decided not to move and that are still worth something.
  • What you should not pack. You’ll need to know in advance which items your movers won’t agree to move due to safety reasons. You are not allowed to pack any hazardous materials (corrosive, flammable and explosive one) that may endanger people’s health during the move or your or your mover’s property, and therefore you must dispose of such potentially dangerous goods. Besides dangerous goods, your moving company will also refuse to load perishable foods, pets and plants onto their moving truck. Use up or give away your perishables prior to moving day and find an alternative method of transporting your pets and plants to your new residence. Contact your movers in advance and request their complete list of forbidden items before you have started packing. Also, consult our Guide on Non-allowables which includes detailed information on what to do with each one as well.
  • Essentials box. Packing a box or two with absolute essentials that you will most likely need while the rest of your possessions are in transit is a very good idea. This essentials box will be by your side either on your last day in your old place or on your first day in your new apartment or house while waiting for the movers to deliver your goods, or maybe even on both days. Some helpful things you should consider packing in your survival kit: prescription medicine, non-perishable food, plastic utensils, extra clothes for everyone, toiletries, some basic tools (screwdrivers, a hammer, a flashlight, a measuring tape, etc.).
  • How to save time when moving out of state

    When getting ready to move out of state, time can be either your faithful ally or your arch enemy, and which one you would prefer will depend mainly on how good your time management skills are. Quick and safe packing is essential for the success of your out-of-state relocation, but combine it with proper organization of your pre-move time and the results will be nothing short of brilliant.

    Label your packed boxes correctly and you’ll speed up the unpacking process significantly.

    Week-by-week planner. The best organizational tool for your move to another part of the country that will surely save you plenty of valuable time is a detailed to-do list. You complete a task, you mark it as done and move on to the next – simple, yet powerful. Such a week-by-week planner will help you stay on the right course by keeping your motivation and concentration elevated throughout the preparation period. The overall number of moving tasks and their execution frequency will depend primarily on how much time you have till moving day. Consult our W eekly Moving Calendar for some great ideas for your own out-of-state checklist.
  • Smart labeling system. When you have your boxes packed and ready for transportation, don’t forget to label each and every moving container appropriately before they are loaded into the moving vehicle. It’s been proven that a logical labeling system that takes up to one minute per box can save you hours while unpacking at your new home. Take a black marker pen and write down the content, destination room and handling instructions on each container. The usage of different color tags or labels for different rooms is also highly recommended as it will accelerate the unpacking process even more.
  • Photographic assistance. Believe it or not, your dedicated camera or your phone camera can be used as an additional time saving tool while getting ready to move out of state. How? Simply photograph the way your various electronic devices are wired, your pictures are arranged on the wall or your furniture pieces are positioned around the house and you’ll be able to recreate the same interior decisions quickly and hassle-free. Moreover, the photos you take can serve as memory keepers of your old life.
  • Moving Out Of State With Children

    If you’re moving out of state with a child or children, then the relocation preparation and the execution of your interstate move will automatically become even more complicated and stressful. This is why we have prepared a complete and practical Children’s Moving Guide with tips on how to move to a new state with a child. For your convenience, the guide is broken into 3 separate chapters and each chapter covers the various set of challenges you’re about to face with each different age group.

    • Moving out of state with a baby or toddler
    • Moving out of state with a preschooler or school-age child
    • Moving out of state with a teenager

    Moving Out Of State With Pets

    Don’t forget to take your best friend to see the vet before moving out of the state.

    As mentioned above, your interstate movers won’t agree to transport your pet to your city in the new state, so you’ll need to figure out an alternative way to ship your animal friend. And regardless of whether you’re driving to your new out-of-state home and taking your pet inside your vehicle, or you’re flying together with your furry friend to your new residence, you’ll need to know how to prepare your pet for the cross country move and how to guarantee their safety during the transportation itself.

    For more detailed information, plus invaluable pet safety tips, refer to our comprehensive guide How to ship animals to another state

    What To Do After You Move To A New State

    The transportation of your household goods ends when the moving company, having fulfilled its contractual obligations, departs from your new address and you find yourself at the foot of a mountain of packed boxes, wondering how to organize your post-move time most efficiently. Yes, the relocation is not really over until you have settled comfortably in your new home in the new state. However, before you can do just that, there are a number of really urgent tasks that you must take care of first. So, what should you do first after moving to a new state?

    Be sure to check out the 8 Most Important Things To Do After Moving To A New State

    What else do you think is important when moving out of state? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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