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Tips when taking the sat

tips when taking the sat


Best Answer: A few tips:

Use pencils that aren't THAT sharp. IF a pencil is a bit more blunt, it has more surface area on the tip and you can save yourself a few seconds from bubbling answers. You may save 1-2 seconds per bubble. For 20-30 questions per section, you may save yourself up to a full minute.

Take the test in October or June. During the winter months, many people have colds and are always sniffling. This makes you lose your focus, and not work as quickly. In may, there tends to be a lot of pollen outside and people's allergies begin acting up. Sneezing and sniffling from that, too, can be distracting.

Take practice tests and time them to give yourself about 2-3 minutes less time per section than allowed. You will get used to working quickly.

On reading sections, working quickly will make you get more correct and make you lose less time. On reading questions, your instinct is usually the best weapon to get correct answers. In addition, if you

work quickly, the passage seems more fluid. On other words, it doesn't seem broken up every time you turn to the questions. The questions will seem easier and you will leave yourself more time remaining. Also, for the same reason I just said, on passages, circle your answers in the book first, that way you don't take your mind off of what the passage said while you spend a few seconds bubbling in. At the end of the passage, or at about 30 seconds prior to the end of the section, fill in the bubbles. Fill in the bubbles right away for all other questions.

Bring a watch. It is much faster to put a watch on your desk and keep track of time then look all the way up at the clock, or turn your head to look at a clock.

These tips a lot of other people don't think of, but they definitely help. Good luck on your tests.

Source(s): 2230 current score, waiting for October 2009 results

Johnny D · 6 years ago

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