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Tips On Talking To Girls

guy talking to a girl

by chadhooper on December 18, 2011

Talking to girls is the number one skill you must learn to mack.

If you want to live the lifestyle of a mack. you’ve got to master the art of talking to girls .

Sure, body language plays a role in attraction, and a few other factors do come into play… But front and center, conversation is king…

However, this is a skill 95% of men never really develop… And truth be told there is very little good literature on this subject…

“Good” is the key word here, because there’s enough crappy advice on talking to girls to choke an elephant! …So today I’m going to give you some of my best tips on talking to girls that I’ve discovered over the  years…

Tip #1 Talking to girls should be fun, not work

A lot of guys DREAD having to talk to a pretty girl. Sure, they want to get her to like them, and they would like to have a smooth conversation that goes well, but the idea of it makes them nervous. So guys actually AVOID talking to the girls that they are most attracted to because it feels like work…

In order to make talking to girls seem less painful and less like work, you need to learn to think about it differently, and “frame it” differently in your mind. Instead of thinking of it as a chore that you need to do to get what you want (ie. her phone number, a date, intimacy etc…) think of it as a fun recreational activity.

Don’t worry about the outcome and focus on the process. And if you are really very nervous about talking to girls then practice talking to unattractive women that you are not interested in, and then slowly

start trying out your conversational skills on increasingly attractive women as you feel comfortable.

Tip #2 Talk in a loud clear voice

Meek, insecure men have a habit of mumbling and this is not an attractive trait.  The reason they mumble is that they are afraid of “committing” to there words because they are so unsure of themselves. So, to get a good response from women, do the opposite and articulate your words clearly. The simple act of raising the volume of your voice and putting effort into speaking clearly will instantly make you appear ten times more confident to women… It doesn’t matter how insecure you feel inside, if you do this women will respond differently.

Tip #3 Don’t be a “yes man”

Many guys think that when they are talking to a girl that they should try to agree with everything that she says and try to show her how much you have in common with her, but this is completely wrong. Not only is this boring for a woman because it is what 95% of guys do, but it also comes across as not genuine.

A woman is looking for a connection, and she can’t connect to a guy who she perceives is being fake to make her like him. This is what we call “nice guy game” and it doesn’t work well LOL.

Instead, tease her about her opinions on things and disagree with her some of the time, this creates tension which is key ingredient in attraction.

Like I said, there isn’t much solid advice on talking to girls out there BUT, there is one guy I really recommend to learn this stuff from…

His name is Bobby Rio and he’s my number one recommended resource for info on talking to girls.

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