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Tips on keeping sex fun when trying for a baby

tips when trying for a baby

When you first start trying for a baby it’s exciting and adventurous – however pressure and frustration can build if it doesn’t happen as quickly as you’d like. This stress can take the fun out of what should be a great time in your life and relationship. We-Vibe has some tops tips to advise you on how to keep your sex life enjoyable while trying for a baby .

Top Tips for Trying for a baby

1)      Have Sex in a Taboo Place. It’s not a good idea to associate one place with love-making when trying to conceive. it will seem like a chore area. Alternate where you get intimate – explore your options, like a romantic bubble bath or a steamy shower. Move into the sitting room instead of the bedroom or when cooking try a quick session on the surfaces. Don’t let the food burn!

2)      Role-Play. So this might not appeal to everybody but never say never! Role-play adds a nervous excitement to the experience and when the adrenalin is pumping you’re more likely to have fun and enjoy trying for a baby .

3)      Send Him a Sex y Photo. Two scenarios often occur in long-term monogamy, the sexual script can become narrowed, once the old script loses its efficacy, one partner loses interest and the couple become trapped in a low desire/high desire conflict. This is not what you want when trying for a baby! So surprise your husband with a picture in the middle of the day or when he is least expecting it. This will get him excited to see you and intensify the love-making when you get home.

4)      Try a Sex Toy Together.   Couple massagers in particular are a great way to spice things up! You can both enjoy the pleasure of a sex toy at the same time. Our revolutionary new We-Vibe 4 offers a unique form and fit that’s comfortable for you both, while providing greater intimate stimulation. She wears it during sex and together you both share the vibe. If you’re nervous about broaching the subject of using a sex toy together have a read of our We-Book of Delights, this guide offers advice on how to tactfully broach the subject with your partner.

5)      Change the Time. Similarly to changing the location of where you have sex, vary the time of day you have it. Set your alarm a

bit earlier to enjoy a morning session or if you’re struggling to sleep during the night why not tire yourself out by making love at midnight. Just before you go to bed isn’t always the best time as you’re already thinking about sleep and your body is shutting down.

6)      Get Dressed for the Occasion. Treat yourself to some luxurious lingerie or beauty products to boost your confidence and make you feel sexy. Trying for a baby is a special time! Make it romantic by picking up a scented candle or some flowers on your way home from work to improve the atmosphere of the room.

7)      Don’t say “baby”, “ovulating” or “fertile” when you’re about to have sex. This immediately turns it into a job and a regimented activity rather than fun. Too much detail about what you’re about to do, will put your partner off and disrupt the mood.

8)      SURPRISE! Don’t feel like you always have to schedule your sex life around your cycle, keep it playful and exciting. Spring upon your partner once in a while, when they’re least expecting it. Spice up mundane household chores like washing up or ironing by exciting your partner with a massage to get them in the mood. We-Vibe conducted research that found three out of five (59%) men and women simply want their sex lives to be more playful and fun, so remember to scrap the timetable occasionally!

9)      Propose a Different Position. The key to keeping things fun is variety.  Try new positions, if you’re feeling un-imaginative have a read of our We-Book of Delights to lead you in the right direction. Turn your love-making into a game and put bits of paper naming different positions into a bowl, pull one out and give it a whirl. This technique ensures you’re always experiencing something new.

10)   Weekend Away. It’s important to make time for each other when trying for a baby, book a short escape for you and your partner. It doesn’t have to be abroad but there are loads of websites which let you rent out cottages for the weekend or hotels providing last minute deals. This gets your partner out of the work zone and you can both relax and forget about the pressure you may feel under when conceiving. You’ll find sex is much more enjoyable if you’re somewhere new.

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