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Trying to Conceive - Tips

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Trying to conceive and don't know how? The following article will take you through some important tips on how to get pregnant. All the best!

It can get quite distressing for couples who are trying to get in the family way and nothing works. Because seriously speaking, getting pregnant is not as easy as it seems (even though it should be). There are several factors that come in the way and delay or spoil things for a couple. And while all they want to know is the ways in which they can conceive easily, it does not always happen. That can be changed though if you have certain tips for conceiving to help you along. All these tips have been formulated after extensive studying and understanding all the factors that go into making a baby. So if you'll just take the time to read through the following article on trying to get pregnant tips, you'll know where you're going wrong and how to correct it.

Tips for Conceiving Fast

When I say how. I mean the factors that are involved in that how and not merely the act. There are several factors that influence and thereby determine the success of conceiving. Read the following trying to get pregnant tips and follow them as far as possible.

When to Conceive

The 'time' you decide to get pregnant has a major influence on the success rate of that pregnancy. Why? Because as we age, the chances of getting pregnant become more and more slim. Especially for women. It is a well-known fact that the younger the woman is, the higher are the chances of conceiving successfully are. The best age to have a baby they say is in the early or mid twenties for women (while men have no such qualms cause the semen remains healthy even while they are way into their 70s). The success rate of getting pregnant at the age of 25-30 (approximately) is much more than any other age. So if you're somewhere in that range, you've got your age on your side, working for you.

Best Time to Conceive

So what about those who've passed this most fertile period and crossed the opportune age? Is it all a lost cause? Not at all. Science and technology have made so many advances in the past decades that there are women getting pregnant way into their 40s as well. The first thing that you need to do is to get

some things right. A careful calculation of your ovulation dates will let you in on your most fertile days, then you can make maximum use of that and guarantee success for yourself. All you need to understand is your ovulation timetable. A simple way to remember this is that a woman is ovulating around 2 weeks after the first day of her period. If this gets too confusing and dicey for you to go by then visit your gynecologist and understand how to calculate your ovulation dates for future reference. One could also go by the quality of the cervical fluid (vaginal discharge). While it is usually thin and watery, during ovulation it gets thick.

How to Conceive

Now believe it or not, there are specialized tips for when one is trying to conceive a boy or a girl. Certain sexual positions for conceiving, when used correctly, have shown to yield the desired results in the way of a girl child or a boy child. As far as getting pregnant with a girl is concerned, it can be achieved when the uterus climate is acidic, which heightens the chances. And in the case of a boy, it can be achieved when the uterus climate is alkaline.

Other Tips

Along with the pointers that have been given, there are several other trying to get pregnant tips that you can follow to ensure success. Here are some of them:
  • Get a thorough check up and other tests done to ensure that there is nothing physically wrong with you or your partner. If there is, then you can correct it in time.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle. And that includes a healthy diet, sleeping and eating times, getting regular exercises done and the like. All these things will have a cumulative effect on getting you pregnant.
  • Do NOT smoke, drink or carry forth any other substance abuse. And this goes for both the partners.
  • Do not stress and worry all the time! That just creates hormone imbalance and plays havoc with your system, making getting pregnant more difficult. Keep happy at all times and make sure that you have only positive thoughts making rounds.
Do these tips work? Try them out. Sincerely and with faith. And you'll surprised at what they can do for you. All the best and I hope you get what you're hoping and praying for soon enough.

By Rujuta Borkar

Last Updated: 10/10/2011

Category: Taxes

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