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Tips when visiting las vegas

G ray Cargill is a member of the Journeywoman Network and the author of The Vegas Solo. a guide to help solo travelers plan their Las Vegas vacation. She has been visiting Las Vegas solo annually since 2001. We asked Gray to advise our readership about the best ways to enjoy this city from a woman's point of view. She writes.

Y ears ago, before I knew anything current about Las Vegas, I didn’t think it was a place I would want to visit. “Isn't that the land of gambling and strip shows?” I thought. “What's there for me?" Lots, as it turns out. In fact, I soon became a huge fan of Las Vegas, and have visited almost yearly since 2001. Now I view it as a terrific vacation destination for the solo female traveler. Vegas offers a wide variety of

activities sure to appeal to most tastes, and the 24/7 nature of the city means no matter what schedule your internal clock is set to, you'll find things to do.

I f you’ve never traveled solo before, it’s an easy first trip, since you don’t need to rent a car. Most of what you will want to do is in a compact area of the city, and if you pick your host hotel correctly, you can have a fun night “out” without even leaving your hotel. Other visitors are friendly, because Vegas puts them in a good mood. It’s very easy to strike up conversations with strangers: Just ask them if they’ve seen any shows yet, or if they’re winning. What else do you need to know about Las Vegas? Here are my 25 best tips for women traveling to Las Vegas:

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