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Tips for Working Out in the Summer

Working in Summer

Being a fitness enthusiast means that you just can’t avoid going to gym to break a sweat. It’s been a part of your lifestyle for many years and you don’t feel like stopping anytime soon. You try to stop for a week or two and you experience a withdrawal, having the urge to jog the stress out. It’s just not an option for you not to workout. But what if it’s during the summer where it’s too hot to even run your regular trail at the park? Yes, you can do the alternative by turning to swimming. But does that necessarily mean giving up your workout routine that you’ve been following for months now? Here are a few tips when working out in the summer.

Water is your only best friend.

Summer is the season when you sweat without even doing anything. You have to stay hydrated at all times whether your working out or not. But if you are working out, then all the more reason to keep drinking water. You sweat twice as much and the heat will make you dizzy with fatigue and stress. Don’t let yourself get dehydrated especially when you’re working out.

Adjust to the weather.

Slowly get used to the temperature outside. Take regular walks in the sun to make your body temperature adjust to the drastic change summer has brought. You’ll only get sick when you stay cooped up inside your air conditioned house and you

suddenly jog in the summer heat.

Time your workout accordingly.

Maybe there’s a certain time of the day when you can work out and not get bombarded by the blazing heat. If there’s a time when it’s cooler than the rest of the day, schedule that as the time you will do your work out routine. Jog early in the morning when the sun’s not fully up yet. Go to the gym during the nighttime when it’s a bit cooler. Find the right time to minimize discomforts.

Lay low from the intense workouts.

Heat waves cause heat strokes and summer is the time when heat waves may as well be knocking on your doorsteps every day of the week. Take it easy for a while. You don’t have to give up weightlifting or your 5 mile jog in the morning. Just lessen it a little bit. Don’t force yourself to continue your exact routine. You’ll only over-stress your body and it would be counterproductive to staying healthy.

Get as much rest as you can.

Never forget to take the proper amount of rest. If you’re really that obsessed to get that hot summer body you’ve always craved for, there’s always next summer. Overworking yourself especially during the heat will just get you back to where you started. Unfit and unhealthy. Keep in mind that your body has it’s limits no matter what anyone else says. Rest as much as you can.

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