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What airsoft gun should i buy

what airsoft gun should i buy

What airsoft gun should I buy?

We get this question a lot. Especially from the newer airsoft players. It’s a valid question and should be asked before jumping into a new sport. We’ve put together a list of things to look for when purchasing your very first airsoft gun.

You don’t want to throw a ton of money on your first airsoft gun. Especially if you’ve never been on the field before or don’t really know what to expect. Chances are that during your first few months of playing airsoft you’ll notice flaws in your gun or maybe prefer to play a little differently than what your gun allows. This is 100% normal. I made this mistake and dropped $575.00 on my first airsoft gun. Two days on the field and I was ready to switch it out. We recommend keeping your first airsoft gun below $350.00.

As typical as it sounds, there is a reason why brand names gain reputations. It’s because they deliver quality products and quality support. For your first airsoft gun, we recommend something like an Elite Force automatic electric gun or some of their gas gun systems. Yes, they are an ACA sponsor and yes this is a plug. However, on top of being a sponsor they are also one of our favorite brands in airsoft. No joke. In summary, sticking with a reputable brand name for your first purchase is an all around good idea. More reviews, more support, more content online for mods, etc.

If your friends are the ones getting you into airsoft, awesome. Just don’t listen to them when picking out your first airsoft gun. You know yourself and your limits.

If you’re more of a “hunker down and shoot baddies from afar” type, stick with that style. If your more of a “in your face before you know it” player, get something to suit that style. Your friends will appreciate it more if you get something that you want instead of what they think you want. You’ll be more inclined to get involved and more excited to go out and play.

4. Buy your primary airsoft gun first, then a secondary.

I see a lot of people running around large fields with an airsoft pistol. If you have low ammo counts, gas restrictions and decreased accuracy per range, you’re gonna have a bad time. It’s tempting to just purchase an airsoft gun to have one, but we suggest holding off that extra week or two to get an airsoft rifle first. You’ll enjoy your time on the field much more. Plus, your team won’t laugh at you… as much.

Online retail can be a jungle full of spiked traps, carnivorous animals and cannibals. Watch your step. It’s better to stick with a reputable retailer, spend the extra $20.00 to $50.00 and know that you will receive the correct order in a timely fashion. I’m still waiting for some airsoft magazines I ordered straight from China about 7 months ago. I’m sure they’ll be here any day now… I haven’t given up hope. We recommend stores like or Both great companies and solid customer service records.

We hope this guide helps you out! Please let us know how your first airsoft gun experience went by posting on our Facebook page. Thanks for reading and see you on the field!

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