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What airsoft sniper should i buy

what airsoft sniper should i buy

What Kind Of Airsoft Gun Should I Buy? - A Few Tips To Help You Pick The Right Airsoft Gun

What kind of airsoft gun should I buy? We re asked this question probably twice a day, mainly from people who are new to airsoft and are purchasing their first gun. Our reply to them is always the same, buy the gun that fits the way you will play. They are often not sure what we mean so we break it down for them and the article below will help you understand that right kind of airsoft gun to buy based on how you intend to use it.

Sub Machine Guns - Airsoft sub machine guns come in many varieties and their biggest advantage is that they are both lightweight and easy to manuever. They are meant mainly for indoor CQB (Close Quarter Combat) situations. This is mainly due to the fact that the guns have shorter barrels that lead do reduced accuracy at longer distances. They also often have shoot at lower FPS levels of 300-350 in order to comply with most indoor fields safety rules.So if you are going to play indoors or do CQB scenarios the sub machine gun would be your first choice.

Assault Rifle - The

assault rifle is by far the most popular segment of the hobby and the most popular version is the M4. The M4 like most assault rifles will be in its best environment in mid to long range engagements. These mainly happen out doors but also in some very large indoor facilities you may find a use for them as well. But generally we recommend the assault rifle style weapon to the player who is going to be playing outdoors and having engagements that are up to and over 100 feet.

Sniper Rifles - The sniper rifle is a specialized tool capable of longer range shots and amazing accuracy and may not be suitable for every battlefield. They are especially terrible on an indoor CQB fields as the scopes are very hard to use up close and the single shot nature of these guns will have you quickly out gunned. Instead keep the sniper rifles to outdoor fields were you can hide yourself and take out opposing players from a hidden distance!

Where Can I Learn More About Buying The Right Airsoft Gun

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