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What are acrylic tips

what are acrylic tips

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Everything You Need to Know about Acrylic Nail Tips

Posted by Courtney

There are always those fortunate few who are able to grow long, strong nails on their very own without the need to indulge in a “fake” nail manicure. If you are like most women, however, your nails never seem to be able to grow past a certain length, are brittle, or they are prone to splitting and breakage.

This is why more and more women are adding acrylic nail tips to their beauty repertoire.

What are Acrylic Nail Tips?

Acrylic is an extremely durable plastic that is molded and formed into different shapes for several different uses – one of them being acrylic nail tips. Nail tips differ from “fake nails” as they are not applied to your entire nail. Acrylic nail tips are attached to the end of your natural nails to give the illusion of you having longer fingernails (very much how hair extensions make your natural hair appear to be longer and fuller).

When many think of acrylic nail tips, they think of the standard “French manicure” nail tip. You can find an astounding amount of different patterns, colors, and designs that are now applied to these tips – floral designs, rainbow colors, suns, moons, lightening bolts – you name it! Professional nail salons will air brush nearly anything and everything onto your nail tips for you. Several women also opt to have gems glued to their nail tips to add that extra “wow” factor.

How are Acrylic Nail Tips Applied?

Depending on whether you have a professional apply the nail tips or do it yourself,

the method used to apply the tips somewhat varies. Professionals, and some home kits, first glue the nail tip to the natural nail. Then they apply a paste mix of resin powder and a liquid to the top of the nail that is then smoothed out so that the nail tip looks like a real fingernail. This paste also allows for the nail tips to be as durable and strong as possible.

Those at home can also choose to choose to buy a kit that includes a liquid resin mix, though to do it by one’s self definitely will take some practice and acquired skill. Most of those who choose to put on acrylic nails at home opt for the glue-on nails instead. Acrylic nail tips tend to not come as just a “glue-on nail” as glue-on tips break off rather easily.

Do Acrylic Nail Tips Require Filling like Fake Nails?

Yes. Just as with the fake nails you had before, as your nails grow out then the acrylic nail tip must be filled. How often you need to have your nails filled really depends on how quickly your nails grow, though most need to have them filled every 2-3 weeks.

How Often do Acrylic Nail Tips Need to Be Replaced?

Though it certainly is not necessary to get a new set of nail tips each time they need to be filled, it is generally recommended to change your nail tips every 4-6 weeks to prevent the growth of fungus in your natural nails.

Whether you choose a professional or a do-it-yourself kit, with acrylic nail tips you will have gorgeously long and enviable fingernails in no time.

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