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What are chicken wing tips

what are chicken wing tips

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Posted by Mrs Hands on 25th May 2014

A great addition to the meals as I personally don't think that they always contain sufficient bone. With the meals being of a very soft consistency, adding a few of these to each meal gives them a nice added crunch!.


Posted by Unknown on 1st Mar 2014

my dog luna had severe bowl reactions to every commercial dog food we tried so bad that she was in pain someone recommended ni to me and i thought i would give it a go and i saw a major improvement after the first day she is so healthy and happy i would never look back and she loves the wing tips they only last a few seconds with her lol xx

Cats love them!

Posted by Unknown on 3rd Apr 2013

My two cats love their wingtips, I use them as a bedtime treat and it seems to bring out the real carnivore in them with lots of growling away. I've fed them these since they were 9 month kittens and recently (around 11 months) starting feeding the chicken carcasses as a treat on Saturday mornings. If your cat loves the wingtips then they'll almost certainly love crunching their way through the carcass bits!

Some trepidation

Posted by Claire on 22nd Mar 2013

I am just starting out on a raw food diet for my cat who was having problems with bloating, presumably from either the wet or dry standard cat food

he was having before. So far he seems to be thriving on the raw food. I was concerned about trying him on raw chicken with bones after years of hearing that chicken bones were dangerous for cats. But after a bit of research I decided to take the plunge and added some to my first food order. I had no reason to worry! These are greeted with HUGE enthusiasm every time they're served. They're quite big pieces for a small cat but he determinedly chews away on them - with some very unappetising crunching noises! They are such a big hit that he will even growl at the other cats if they even look in the direction of his wing tips. Definitely coming back for more.

Posted by Maryclaire Layton

Percy & Archie too on 26th Jan 2013

I'd never considered feeding raw bones to my terriers before and nervously took the plunge after reading the good feedback on this site. So along with a great NI Chicken diet I fed these wing tips to my little 9kg Welsh terrier and medium sized (15kg) Patterdale terrier, and they love them! They find them really easy to chew and they're such nice clean treats so all of my reservations disappeared instantly. If you've never tried feeding raw bones. fear not this is a super way to do it and your dogs will love you for it. I've since bought more and find them the perfect treat (or replacement meal) and they are super value too. A whole bag of wing tips for the price of one medium Jumbone. There's no going back

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