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What are gel nail tips

what are gel nail tips

I started out getting Acrylic after about a year I went to gel..and I'm still getting the gel.After my real nails were long I stopped getting the tips. the The gel nails did a better job of maintaing them.

Like I helped my friend do her har a couple times. and the acrylic like can be staind. by smoke (turns yellow if you have natural/french manicure) and chemicals (turns yellow/cloudy)with the gel it's like nothing can change or damage the color. it's like a raincoat or something this is what sold me =)

thee gel is more sophisticated than acrylic in my opinion, they do cost more but I never feel bad like after wards the gel is worth it. They look so much better. and like when its time for you to get a fill in they dont look as "old" as the acrylic do. Today more people get the acrylic, like anybody can get it. with the gel I suggest that you try it because that's the only way you Will know for sure

oh! I forgot. like the gel is more natural looking like you could get the gel nails and no polish, tips or color. and it will look like your natural nail. like an overlay. so with the gel your black tips will look like your natural nail with some shine

hope this helps

*Pros of Acrylic Nails*

If you break an acrylic nail you can almost always fix it temporarily and rather easily yourself.

The removal

process is simple and straightforward if done by a professional. The nails can be soaked rather than filed off.

Acrylics are very strong. When done correctly and good nail care is practiced, they can last a long time. They’re robust!

*Pros of Gel Nails*

Gel nails often look more natural and glossy than other types of cosmetic nails.

The curing time is faster than acrylics, sometimes clocking in at just two minutes when light-curing is done.

Gel nail mixtures are odorless.

There is less filing involved during the application process.

*Cons of Acrylic Nails*

They can damage your real nails in a harsher manner than gel nails can.

Acrylics can look fake instead of natural and they can look even worse when done incorrectly.

It can be hard to grow out acrylic nails.

*Cons of Gel Nails*

They don’t last as long and are less durable than acrylic, even though they tend to cost more.

Gel nails are harder to do yourself if you like to do home manicures.

If a gel nail breaks, you may be in for some trouble. It can sometimes be more of a shatter effect than a clean break, so self-fixing a break is not usually an option. You’ll need to make an appointment right away with your manicurist. Sometimes they do break cleanly; basic nail glue could be used in that case.

Gel nails almost always need to be filed off. You can’t just soak them away.

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