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What are sales and use taxes

what are sales and use taxes

Sales and Use Taxes: Is Your Company Headed for Legal Trouble

You’ve studied everything that you can get your hands on and you’re still concerned. There just doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of current, understandable, or usable information about Sales and Use Taxes available. And lately you’re hearing about the government crackdown on companies that haven’t been keeping up with their Sales and Use Tax responsibilities. A wellknown insurance company was recently found liable for 17 years of back Use Taxes.

That’s scary. Because, for a long time, tax authorities didn’t seem to pay much attention to how well these laws were being enforced. Technology has changed all that. State and local governments are now able to share tax information about which companies are complying … and which ones aren’t. Some businesses are having to pay BIG bucks because of back taxes, interest, and penalties.

Help Protect Your Company

What can you do to help protect your company from a potentially expensive legal backlash? You could try to unravel the mysteries of this legislation yourself. You could go to the public library or visit some bookstores in search of some concrete information about Sales and Use Taxes that isn’t written in “legalese.” Or you could spend a lot of time and money on a tax attorney.

We’ve got a better idea. Come to this seminar and, in one day, you’ll know how to help your company avoid a messy legal disaster. You’ll walk away more confident than you ever thought possible when dealing with Sales and Use Tax laws. You’ll know how to make sure your company is audit-ready … streamline your tax record-keeping system … and avoid making “minor” tax mistakes that might land you in legal hot water.

Ease Your Accounting Worries

As an accounting professional, you have a lot of questions about this critical legislation. After all, your reputation and your company’s bottom line are at stake. You need answers now. You want to be sure that you aren’t underpaying — or overpaying. Because this is definitely not the sort of knowledge you want to learn the hard way.

Attend this seminar and you’ll learn proven strategies that will help you determine more easily what transactions are taxable … find exemptions you may not be aware of … and handle the people you do

business with who don’t comply with these laws.

Back at the office, you’ll put what you’ve learned into practice and see how quickly and easily your Sales and Use Tax responsibilities can be taken care of. Plus, you’ll gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you aren’t putting your company at risk for tax troubles.

Register Today for Tax Training That’s Guaranteed

This is a unique training opportunity — one that could very well help you save your company from making a costly tax mistake. We guarantee that you’ll be completely satisfied

with this valuable Sales and Use Tax training or we’ll refund your entire registration fee.


Increase Your Knowledge of Sales and Use Taxes

  • Expert insight into what Sales and Use Taxes are … and how they’re changing business today
  • Definitions you must be aware of if you ever want to gain a better understanding of this complicated legislation
  • What’s legally considered to be a transaction … and which ones are taxable
  • How to take advantage of tax breaks – you may not realize how much you’re entitled to
  • What penalties you could face if state authorities don’t feel you’ve paid enough
  • What third-party delivery charges are … and if you need to pay taxes on them
  • How to determine when a buyer becomes an owner … the answer may surprise you

Improve Tax Accuracy and Efficiency and Stay Audit-Ready

  • Services vs. tangible property: how your responsibilities change according to each one
  • How the mail order Use Tax could end up affecting every single one of your customers
  • How to determine just who has to pay the taxes on returns and trades
  • What circumstances could increase your tax liability – and decrease your company’s bottom line
  • How to keep up with your changing legal obligations according to whether you are buying or selling
  • A valuable warehouse strategy that could make your tax liability disappear
  • Tips that’ll help take the confusion out of applying for exemption certificates

Troubleshoot Enforcement and Collection

  • How you should deal with tax credits … refund opportunities … and overpayments
  • When you must register as an out-of-state vendor or risk being in violation of the law
  • Tax procedures for handling – and filing – bad debts
  • The only situations where you will not have to pay a local Sales Tax
  • The trickiest areas of Use Tax returns … and how to sidestep the common pitfalls
  • How the multistate compact affects your company – and your job responsibilities
  • How to avoid getting bogged down with invoices and steamroll through Use Tax collections
  • How the time you spend on the phone could be inflating your taxes

Ensure Compliance With Current Laws

  • When a company’s advertising expenses become taxable
  • What changes you should make now to prevent costly legal mistakes down the road
  • Valuable techniques you can use to get – and keep – your company audit-ready
  • What type of unintentional blunders you can be held personally accountable for
  • Straight talk about preparing for a judicial review so you won’t do more harm than good
  • Determine exactly how Sales and Use Taxes impact your company
  • Interstate Transaction Guide: A valuable resource detailing the


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