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What are social security taxes used for

what are social security taxes used for


If this is a class assignment the answer is C. However, here is a list of actual benefits that are paid out. You can see that many of them are not for retired people. There are 55 million people who get some kind of social security every month but only 35 million of those are getting retirement benefits.

• A divorced spouse may apply for ex-spouse's social security benefits.

• Each child of each divorced spouse from each marriage of over 10 years gets benefits to age 18.

• Each child of a disabled parent on SSD or SSI also receives a percentage of the parent's disability benefits

• Children born with a permanent mental or physical disability get benefits from SSDI

• Legal resident low income senior emigrants who have not worked in the U.S. get SSI

• Low income parents with minor children can get SSI

• Low income pregnant females get SSI

• Seniors whose Social Security is 200% below federal poverty guideline receive SSI and retirement SS

• Adults under age 65 get SSI for short-term disability

• Adults under age 65 get SSDI for long-term disability

• A child get permanent survivor benefits from deceased parent if child was disabled before age 22 and remains disabled.

• Every surviving spouse of a marriage of over 10 years is entitled to death benefits at age 60 or at age 50 if disabled.

• Every child whose parent is deceased is entitled to survivor benefits to age 18 or 19 if in high school.

• Anyone who adopts or fosters a child gets a social security benefit.

• There are 9.4 million military veterans receiving old age,disability or survivor benefits from Social Security.

• A spouse of a retiree can also get an SS benefit based on the worker's earnings.

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