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What are some beauty tips

what are some beauty tips

What is the best way for a woman in her 40s to make her skin look younger?


Nearly all celebrities over 35 years old do all of the following to maintain the appearance of youth:

--Dye their hair. You'll rarely see a woman in America, celebrity or not, with natural grey hair.

--Skin tone should be kept uniform and smooth. Fraxel laser, regular acid peels, and regular facials minimize irregular pigmentation and textural changes related to aging.

--Even if the skin is absolutely smooth, volume loss must be addressed with fillers such as Sculptra, Juvederm, Radiesse, etc. Facial fat transfer is also an option. Good example of natural looking filler:

--Now you have someone with young colored hair and smooth full skin. However, the nose generally widens and droops with age. Nearly every celebrity gets a nose job before they enter the industry, so their noses do not have this pronounced drop.

--Lips can be subtly filled with Juvederm.

--Botox can be injected into the forehead to limit development of wrinkles.

--Even if your face is perfect, your body will now be amassing fat at a faster rate. Also the distribution of fat changes. Since estrogen is dropping, fat is less likely to deposit around the hips and breasts, and more on the stomach. To address these changes of the body, most female celebrities:

-----------------have a disciplined diet and exercise regimen to keep the body taut and fit. A slim body will look younger. But that does not necessarily give the

signal of youth and femininity, because at an older age, you'll probably have resistant belly fat.

-----------To get rid of trouble spots of fat, Coolsculpting or Zerona is often advisable. You only need one session for a change, and there are no cannulas involved, so no risk of a Tara Reid type of result.

-----------Breasts atrophy with dropping estrogen and low body fat. In order to get the Hollywood ideal of a slim body yet somehow full breasts, breast implants are pretty much de rigeur. They do not have to be huge and distasteful implants--think Nicole Ritchie or Jennifer Aniston.

---Dental care is extremely important. All celebrities go through orthodontics, teeth whitening, and regular cleanings. Veneers are also an option.

It kind of annoys me when celebrities are held as an ideal of good aging, because the expectations for regular women become inflated. Some people might attribute their spouse's aged appearance to a lack of effort or a poor diet, without realizing that celebrities don't just workout a little more, they receive regular professional intervention for every part of their look.

On the other hand, I am grateful these options are available. I would hate to have to age with gray hair all over the place or messed up teeth. I might even consider other things like an abdominoplasty if I have many children.

If the tips given above are followed, remember that, in true celebrity fashion, one should only admit to diet and exercise as the sole reasons for a youthful appearance and fit physique. )

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