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What are some good makeup tips

what are some good makeup tips


Best Answer: To make the most out of your green/blue eyes, wear eyecolor shades that lie opposite of green and blue on the color wheel. In your case, these opposite shades would fall under the browns, taupe, and coppery gold or apricot/ peach category.

Here are some application tips you should keep in mind:

* For a natural sunkissed look apply a shimmery pearlescent shade on your brow bone and on the inner corners of your eyes. This will simply illuminate your eyes and give them a brightened effect. Next, sweep a gold shadow across your entire lid for a more rich but subtle effect. After, apply a hazel taupe shade on your crease to contour the eyes and really make them pop. Lastly, apply a chocolate brown eyeliner along the top lashline to give your eyes major definition. Finish off with lengthening mascara and a swipe of pale pink lip gloss. To add to this effect, sweep a light dusting of bronzer across your temples and cheeks.

*If you want to acheive an intense smokey eye look, purples will become your bestfriend! You can go with grays and blacks, but purples are rich, intense, and beautiful with green/blue eyes. It will really bring contrast, and make your eyes pop.

-First, sweep a light shimmery shade over your entire browbone and lid. Next, apply a lilac shadow over your eye lid. After, apply a deep plum shade over your crease and

blend with the lilac shadow you had applied previously. Next, apply a deep eggplant purple eyeliner to your top lashline, thickening the line as you draw it out. This will give a major cat-eye effect. Then, smudge in the liner with a q-tip for that smokey eye look. If you have big eyes, you can also line the bottom of your eyes with the same liner and smudging it in as well. Make sure you put on several generous coats of volumizing mascara and a nude lip gloss to finish off your sexy sultry look.

*If you're feeling casual, opt for a clean, polished look. This can be acheive by swiping an apricot eye shadow over your lids for a refreshed look. Then put on some mascara and coral lip gloss. Then dust on a light peach blush on the apples of your cheeks for a natural beatufiul rosy complexion. THis look is all about simplicity and bringing out your eyes in a subtle but pleasantly unexpecting way.

***By the way steer clear of blue eye shadows and green shades. These colors will only compete for attention with your eye color, and in the end, your eyes will become lost in the makeup. Using contrasting colors is what makes the eyes pop.

****Rimmel and Loreal have very inexpensive products but offer a wide range of colors in their eyeliners and eyeshadows. Plus they are good quality.


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