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What are some study tips

what are some study tips

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Turn off and stow away electronic devices!

When you need to study for that big exam, you don't want distractions. This is much easier to say than do. No Facebook, no Quora (sorry quorans, i do love you, but Quora can be very distracting!), no Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, email, nothing. You should also try to turn off all your notifications, maybe by putting your phone in airplane mode or something.

Sometimes, you do have to check the internet for an assignment. And that facebook tab is begging to be opened. If you can't control that urge to check your friends' latest status, you should consider Website Blocker (Beta) or StayFocusd for Chrome. (I am sure there are Safari/Firefox versions, so if you know of any of those, please suggest an edit here!) Most of these blockers have a duration, which goes perfectly with my next tip:

Allocate enough time

It is usually a

great idea to schedule a block of time to study. Keeping yourself organized is very important, especially when you have that "hell week", with multiple exams, and homeworks and projects. You need to learn to prioritize your assignments, and to assign the corresponding time to each!

Find a good study setting

Some people love the library, some prefer their own rooms, some like to have music, some like complete silence. Personally, when I'm studying, I like to be in complete silence in my own room. I like to wear comfortable clothes, be in a place where I feel comfortable. In my room, I can also keep snacks for small breaks. But sometimes, this is problematic, because your bed is there, right next to you, begging for you to go lie down for just a second. This is totally a personal decision, so try different options, and find the one you enjoy the most.

Hope this helps! If I think of other hints, I'll try to add it here :)

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