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What are some tips on getting pregnant

what are some tips on getting pregnant


Best Answer: Folic acid does not help you get pregnant. You should take a prenatal vitamin and a minimum of 400mg of folic acid starting three months before trying to conceive. Folic acid greatly reduces the chance of birth defects. Both the vitamins and the folic acid help to promote a healthy baby and pregnancy.

Smoking can damage your eggs and that effects your fertility. It probably does other things as well. You could do a google search and find out.

You should quit smoking now. It is not good to smoke while you are pregnant. It can cause a whole range of problems. You also don't want the stress of quitting and going through with drawl when you are pregnant. It would be better if you had that behind you before you were pregnant. Quitting smoking is hard and being pregnant can be hard as well (trust me I've done both), you don't want to have to go through both at the same time.

To maximize your chances of getting pregnant: Read the book: Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler. The book explains your cycle, charting and how to get pregnant. It is a great book and a must read!

The only day you get can pregnant is when you ovulate. The day you ovulate, your body releases the egg. The egg lives a maxium of 24 hours. However, sperm can live up to five days in fertile cervical mucus but most live three days. Your fertile phase are the 3-4 days prior to ovulation and the day of ovulation. In order to maximize your chances of getting pregnant, you would have sex every 24 hours during this time. Unless you think your partner has

low sperm count, then you would have sex every other day during your fertile phase.

In order to know when you ovulate and when you are in your fertile phase, chart your waking temperature and observe your cervical mucus.

In order to get pregnant you need fertile cervical fluid/mucus. The cervical mucus consistency varies through a woman's cycle. The consistency of your cervical mucus changes during the cycle due to hormonal fluctuations. You are considered most fertile when the mucus becomes clear, slippery, and stretchy. Many women compare mucus at this stage to raw egg whites. The amount of this thin mucus will steadily increase until you experience your 'mucus peak'. This is the last day of this phase where the chance of conception is high. It is closely tied to ovulation. During this phase, the sperm's survival rate is higher. Here is some information of cervical mucus.

Stages of Cervical Fluid: Post Menses

Stage 1: Lasting 2 - 3 days CM is Sticky or Gummy

Stage 2: Lasting 2- 4 days: CM is Creamy, Milky, Lotion Like - Beginning of your fertile period

Stage 3: Lasting 1-5 days: Egg white Cervical Fluid - At this time you are very fertile.

Stage 4: Dry, Moist or Sticky (Infertile)

Here is a more detailed description:

Some other tips:

-When having baby sex, do not use lube (KY Jelly, astroglide, etc) it renders sperm immobile. If you want to use lube, use preseed. Preseed promotes a sperm friendly atmosphere.

-Have sex in the missionary position. This allows for the deepest penetration and will deposit the sperm closest to the cervix.

-After sex, stay laying down with your pelvis slightly elevated/tilted for 15 minutes.

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