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What are the property taxes in north carolina

what are the property taxes in north carolina

What taxes does a homeowner in NC typically pay? If you live in a city are you also taxed by the county? Any other insights? (I'm trying to get a handle on the difference between taxes in NC and those in PA).

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There's no "typical" rate as the property tax rate varies by county, and there are 100 counties. If you live in a city you typically pay a rate that is a combination of both the city and county rates.

I am over-simplifying, but your property is taxed at 100% of assessed value, and the county mill rates run between $0.29 and about $1.03. Carteret County is on the low end, and Scotland County on the high end. This chart is helpful:

_tax_rates.pdf The rates with city add-ons run about $1.30 in the Triangle to about $1.99 in some stressed small cities.

An example: The rate for Onslow County is $0.585, so a house assessed at $300,000 is taxed at 300000 / 100 * 0.585 or $1755 .

Since you asked about Morehead City, here's a chart of the add-on rates for Carteret County: 13TaxRates.pdf. I believe the rate for Morehead City is the sum of the rate for the county (.29) plus the city rate (.285) or .575. However, there are probably also add-ons for water, rescue district, fire-district and solid waste. Those are too complicated to figure, so it's best to get the actual bill for a property you are interested in.

I think you will find the property taxes are cheaper than Pennsylvania or Maryland, but not as low as in South Carolina.

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