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What are the taxes in oregon

what are the taxes in oregon


This may not sit well with O natives..but the trade off, no sales tax VS high property taxes and VERY high income tax does NOT make Oregon the oasis of cheap, sane living that it is marketed to be. The current tax structure caters to the average consumer. an idiot, spending every single paycheck on junk..which is great for businesses but terrible for the ecosystem, billions of junk items destined for land green is that?

Why would anyone think that no sales tax encourages above average living standards? it seems to generate the opposite scenario.A more intelligent population would encourage a move away from this type of system.

Due to the recent (2014-15) MASSIVE building boom/old neighborhood overhauling of the Portland area in the last 20 months, the tax rate/home price is sure to skyrocket out of reach for the average blue collar worker. But who gives a rats *** about blue collar workers? Not the Phd from ----living down the block thats for sure. "Oh god keep those plebeians out of MY neighborhood, I just moved here from ----- and I wont tolerate their kind here!"

So much for a Dream City, 2-5 yrs from

now the traffic, crowds and prices will rival Seattle, SF or LA and a once great "Large Neighborhood" will be but a distant memory. Im not loving this, I hate to see a mild mannered, easy going and art/fun loving city be transformed into a haven for uppity new comers wanting to change its character..IE: increase their property values! As a non native. (cue the locals screaming.."lynch him!"..Oregonians HATE outsiders) I must insist you O natives brought this influx on yourselves.

Well my O native friends, your lifelong nightmare is now unfolding, the rest of the nation has heard over and over and over and over your proud pronouncements of O superiority and they are ALL headed here to buy up all of the land, houses and lots and remake them anew. You have nobody to blame but yourselves as the new tax rate hell is imposed upon you, decades of blither, blather about Oregons' superior living standard has attracted the very people who will remake or destroy it depending on your point of view.

PS: next go round, dont honk your horns so loudly about the slice of heaven you have found.

Phil · 6 months ago

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